How Period Pants Work

How do wuka period pants work? Super Layers! Our gusset rises high in the front and back to protect you from any type of bleeding. Absorbent, leakproof & breathable layers lock in the blood to keep you dry. Wear, wash, reuse, simple!
WUKA created the first period pants to completely replace pads and tampons, no backup needed.
+ The outer layer is moisture-wicking to keep you feeling dry.
+ The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood.
+ Our leak-proof layers are uniquely breathable to reduce smells and the build of bacteria.
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✓ Wear up to 12hrs ✓ Odour free

The lining of the underwear is fast absorbing which means you stay feeling dry for longer.
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As easy to use as a regular pair of undies

How Many Period Pants do I Need?

The amount of period pants you may need depends on how heavy your flow is and how long your periods tend to last. We’re all different. Some people have light periods and some of us experience much heavier flows! Some of us bleed for about 3-4 days and others bleed for 7-10 days.

Our customers tell us they need 6-7 pairs to completely switch to period pants* and they last up to 2 years. They also recommend 3 pairs for the perfect starter set*. But, of course, you know your flow best!

*Survey of 1000 WUKA customers

WUKA was the winner for the beauty shortlist awards, category wellbeing in 2021.
Winner - The Queen's award for enterprise: sustainable development 2022