The WUKA Basics™ Collection is made simpler, in higher volumes, so we can pass the savings on to you. Made from BCI Cotton, you can choose your size from 2XS to 6XL and your style from Hipster or Thong.


      They can be reused for up to 2 years, saving you money in the long-run, too. For the first 40 days after you receive an order we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pants.

      The WUKA Basics Collection is catered for a wide range of sizes, from 2XS to 6XL. Body inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do.
      Period pants in the WUKA Basics Collection look and feel like regular underwear but, with our leak-proof technology, have the power to absorb your period flow every month. Made from BCI cotton, they are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable period products.
      Basics Collection bundles are available to buy, giving you the chance to try the Hipster or Thong style and save money too.