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Love the higher gusset!

As someone who always prefers a higher gusset because my period can be unpredictably heavy, very happy to see period pants with protection to the waistband.

Super comfy

A great addition to my collection of period underwear. Very comfy especially for the night time.


These are unbelievably good. I tried another brand and leaked so I was nervous with these but they did an amazing job overnight. And although they feel bulky when you hold them, miraculously they look amazing on- and even nice!! Wish I’d discovered them earlier!


I had been looking to make the switch to more sustainable sanitary products for a while and I can't believe I waited for so long. These are so unbelievably comfy and now trying to use up the rest of my sanitary products seems like a chore as they're so bulky and uncomfortable whereas these are more comfy than my normal underwear. Looking forward to being able to fully make the switch to only use WUKA products soon. The price is 100% worth it as you know you are buying sustainable fabric which helps the environment as well as reducing plastic waste, please don't hesitate to buy these!

WUKA high waist

Love these! So comfortable. Definitely going to buy more.

(Almost) never fails

I have owned my period underwear for a year now. I bought them in order to switch off of disposable pads, and the menstrual cup doesn't work for me. In all those times, these pants have only leaked TWICE and both were related to user error. I cannot believe how amazing these feel and how they have not only made my cycle nearly mess free, but how much more empowered I feel knowing that I can go through my the day and night with little to no chance of leakage. They are great for long train or plane rides too. I always wear a pair while in transit, just incase my cycle decides to surprise me. And the peace of mind it gives me is worth every cent.


I don’t normally write reviews but if anyone is like me and been thinking about changing to period underwear for a while but is unsure then go for it. Took me over 2 years looking to finally order some and I would never go back. No leaks at all and no worries at night now.


I've been eagerly awaiting my period to be able to try these and oh my gosh, I am a convert! Super comfy, they feel so secure that I had no worries about leaks and the absorbancy is amazing! So good I ended up buying an extra couple of pairs because I can tell these will be my go to pants for those first few days. Thank you Wuka!

I’d NEVER go back to sanitary pads!

The first day of my period arrives and all I want is the comfort and security of my period pants. The high waisted lace ones are particularly gorgeous (and particularly flattering and slimming especially when feeling bloated) - a friend commented that my undies were nice and couldn’t believe they were my period pants. I have white bedding; PURE white bedding and a heavy flow and I sleep so comfortably knowing they won’t move or slip in the night. Yes, they’re more expensive than your normal underwear and sanitary items for that month, but I can’t explain how much nothing else will compare to them after you’ve given them a try. I tried midi ones to start with (pre children) and now love the high waisted as my body has changed. I’m just about to order my 3rd 5x pack. Don’t tumble dry them as you want them to retain their shape and function. I HIGHLY recommend them! Please don’t think you can buy a substitute on Amazon - you can’t. They are thin, WILL leak and are mis-described. WUKA are AMAZING.

First impression

Great first impression! The only period pants I've bought with a high enough gusset!

They're not bulky like other period pants and the seams are way more comfortable than other brands. It makes me wonder if they are as high absorbency as they say but I have high hopes.

So nice to have some high waisted period pants that actually look pretty. Especially as they're high waisted - good for someone like me that doesn't like the feel of pants sitting on my c-sec scar.

Best underwear ever

I absolutely love these period pants. I feel dry and comfortable all day, and am completely confident. Highly recommend!! They are so comfy to use as regular underwear as well, not just on my period!

Love them

These pants are great! So comfy, absorbent and fit perfectly. I would highly recommend them, they make periods so much easier and greener! I love that they have a variety of models in the pictures too.

So comfy & practical

From first use I’m totally converted from period pads and will be using pants going forward. So easy to use, comfy to wear- even at night. I’ve already recommended to friends and will continue to do so!

Perfect transition

Daughter needing a bit more support than a crop top and this is perfect! She loves the softness and comfort… and is getting her head around the clasp.

Thank you 😊


I just wanted to say thank you. For the last 30 years at least one night every month without fail my period has leaked through my pad onto the sheets. I’ve been using your overnight pants for a year now and not one leak. They are a game changer. Thanks. X

Very pleased with the product

Thank you WUKA for making life easier for those of us who have periods.

My WUKA pants have helped me outstandingly on two occasions where other period products would have let me down, particularly as I am in my 40s and my periods are both heavy and unpredictable.

These were: when I was in hospital all day supporting my husband when his father was dying and having a day at a new job where I was in back to back meetings and had no chance to faff around with period products!

Thankfully these stressful days are few and far between in my life. But I’m sure there are countless people who are happy you exist every day as you have made our lives so much easier when on our periods. I’ve just ordered more pants as they are so brilliant!

Thank you ever so much. 🙏

Wild swim approved

WUKA are amazing ! It was my first time using any wuka products and I was so impressed with everything. From the customer service, the packaging, environmentally friendly ethics, inclusively and representation, to the quality of the product, its functionality and the way it looked and made me feel.

Your menstrual cycle can have a big effect on how your body reacts to cold water swimming so to feel comfortable and have one less thing to worry about whilst you are in the water is a great bonus!

I have been wild swimming for years and this suit is an absolute game changer 🙌🏻

I would highly recommend wuka to anyone and I will definitely be investing on some more pieces.

So nice pant

The product is of excellent quality, very pleasant to wear. The absorption capacity is really good and we feel very feminine with this beautiful underwear.

Perfect product

The product is of excellent quality, very pleasant to wear. The absorption capacity is really incredible.

These are AMAZING!!!!

Oh my gosh I love these SO much!! I am a convert to WUKA anyway, but always found the other briefs quite thick. These are SO lovely to wear I’m going to order more!!

Super comfy

These pants are so comfy and the coverage is amazing, I feel like a leak is basically impossible in these! A great fit and a speedy delivery despite Royal Mail strikes!

Makes life easier

I bleed heavily at night, so I wear these to bed. Honestly, I wish they existed when I was starting my periods. I now never have to worry about leakages, and can sleep without a worry on my mind. I’m grateful for these because they just make my life much easier. The only downside I have with them is that rinsing them in cold water is bothersome. But it’s nothing compared to the relief I have at night, knowing that I’m secure from accidental leaks.

Love them so much!

These have been a huge game changer! Being able to wear them comfortably for 12 hours has made coping with my period much easier which I really, really needed as my mental health makes keeping on top of my menstrual cycle difficult. The way the hemline is positioned can sometimes make it feel like your underwear is falling down and there are times when things don’t exactly feel damp, but definitely don’t feel dry which can be unsettling. However, I’ve experienced zero leaking and these are much less bulky than the ‘high waisted super heavy flow’ pants so they get a big thumbs up from me! I bought 2 pairs in my usual size which fit brilliantly and I plan to buy 2 more. The biggest downside is they take a very long time to dry (at least 24 hours in my experience) so you’ve gotta have a solid wash routine.

Wish I bought them sooner

These are fantastically absorbent and make coping with my period much easier. I bought one size bigger than I usually do as the reviews I read said they fit quite tight and I’m glad I did as they fit comfortably. The biggest downside is that they take ages (at least 24 hours, in my experience) to dry so you’ve got to be super on top of laundry. Additionally, the positioning of the hemline sometimes makes it feel like your underwear is falling down and there are times when things don’t quite feel damp but definitely don’t feel dry which can be somewhat uncomfortable. The fabric isn’t restrictively bulky but I definitely prefer the midi brief for in the super heavy flow category. Overall, I would definitely recommend these, with the caveat that you should size up by one size.

Love the company- Hate this product - Pick a different style!

I love the idea of period pants and the sustainability and love a different WUKA pair that I have. This product just did not work for me - as the sizing is a little bigger than you would expect for UK sizes and i must be inbetween the sizes - this would of been fine if there was elastic where you put you legs in but there isn't. That leaves them a little loose around the leg and if you are a little active leaves too much wiggle room resulting in leaks.

Disappointing as this item was received instead of a refund for an issue with a different order. As the title says, love the company but this product is a miss for me due to the leaking issues!! Pick a product that has elastic round the legs or a snugger material - would be fine for a light flow but not for a heavy flow unfortunately.