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comfortable under tight clothing

These are basically two pants sewn together, and the inner and outer pant don't move in the same way which means they constantly need readjustment. The inner part moves outwards and bunches below the tighter outer part

The only time this doesn't happen is if you're wearing really tight leggings, which compress both layers and stops them moving around

Honestly amazing

My 12 year old hated missing swimming with her buddies. She was a little anxious first go and kept checking it but absolutely NO LEAKS and was in the pool an hour or so, including a flume. Don't hesitate ! Size S fit her very well she's roughly 5ft6 and a size 6/8

Love all the others but not the stretch !

I am quite new to Wuka . I bought the stretch but they are too flexible and don’t feel very secure so I bought the full brief and they are amazing ….. wish I hadn’t got the flexible to be honest … they just don’t feel supportive enough . Maybe it’s just because I am of larger size .

Great product

Delivered within 2 weeks

Very happy

Comfortable to wear, did the job I needed them for

Very happy to wear them to school

Granddaughter very happy to wear them to school

Comfy, Snug and Totally Leak proof!!

I have not gone tamponless for a night sleep since I was 12 due to how uncomfortable and smelly pads can be! But these WUKA Leopard print overnight panties are a MUST HAVE. They are so insanely snug, comfy and not to mention odorless. I sleep sound at night knowing I can shuffle about and not risk any leakage😊 Plus they hug my very bloated tummy perfectly ❤️

Stress free for my girl

Amazing! My daughter started her period at the age of just 10 and her first one was so stressful for her as was quite heavy and leaked a few time and in the night. Bought her a couple of pairs to try for her second period and she was so much more at ease and no leaks. She said they was really comfortable and only wants to wear these and not pads again.

No leaks!!!!

Love these pants. I've tried a few brands and these are the best so far. I have a very heavy flow and often leak but not with these pants! I have so much more confidence when I'm on my period knowing I'm not going to leak when I'm out and about. Easy to wash. Comfortable and soft on the skin. I go to the gym a lot and when I'm running, these don't rub at all. My only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner. I haven't bought single use period products like towels and tampons for a while now and I'm so proud to be helping our planet!

Love them!

I have bought basics from WUKA a few times and wear them daily. The new ones are even better than the old ones. They are comfortable, well made and last really well.

So comfy that I want to wear them even when it's not the time of the month

Love these. They are super comfortable and stretchy. They don't dig in and they feel so nice on the skin. Can we make some of the same material for the rest of the month, please?

Teen Stretch Briefs

My Daughter loves the feel of these briefs. She feels secure throughout the day, and likes that they are not bulkly at all. Purchased more pairs.

Great stretchy pants

Never had stretchy undies before, as a 12-14 I got Size 1. First wear I was sceptical but they felt comfortable once on and protected me on my heaviest most bloated period day.

Feel safer overnight

Fear of leaking on the bedsheets usually keeps us up at night, these for our heaviest days give peace of mind while we sleep without any accidents.

Better than any pad/tampon combo

As super heavy bleeders these are great for during the day on the heaviest days, or overnight on the lighter days. Super comfortable.

Size down for super heavy flow high waist

Bought the Medium and they were massive (I am a size 12) so returned them (unfortunately it’s not free postage and you need to track the post so extra cost) for a size small which fit much better. They are very absorbant and comfy but quite expensive for period pants overall.

Game changer

Brought these due to the positive reviews, so glad I did. These really are brilliant well made and very comfortable. I can go about my day with no problems and in comfort. If you haven't brought any yet do it you won't regret it.

Best knickers ever

I love these. I bought many. They are really comfortable and have no vpl under my clothes and I feel totally protected.


These period pants have been a game changer for us. When my 12 year old daughter started her period I wanted to try these for myself first to check they worked. They are incredible. I wouldn't be able to confidently go out for the day walking or kayaking before as would be worried about finding a toilet to change my tampon. These allow me to do whatever I like all day. They work so well, they are now all I use.
After using pads for her first couple of periods my daughter has been delighted with these too. They are so much easier for her. We get her the extra small (she is age 13 in clothes) and I get the medium (I am size 8 clothes). These mean she can last all day at school and not worry about going to change her pad. We got her the very heavy flow for PE days which worked amazingly after we had a slight leak from these. Honestly, these are an amazing product and made what is a horrible time of the month so much easier for us both. Wish they had been around when I was a girl.

Very good quality.

These pants are made very well and are of good quality. My only issue is that although I bought the largest size and the fit fairly well as soon as I started walking the pants started wriggling until I had a " wedgie" I have to say I was so hoping the would fit me better but I guess I will have to lose weight and try them again.


These pee pants work wonderfully for guys too , very discreet

Brilliant! Game changer

I absolutely love these pants! I have just made the switch to period pants from using a cup for several years. I was worried that I would feel uncomfortable, would leak and that cleaning would be messy and not nice. How wrong I was! These are so comfortable and feel like normal pants. They arent visible under clothes and give the best coverage so no concerns about leaking at all. I've worn this in the day and night and both times have worked perfectly. Cleaning is easy, I have also purchased a dry bag to keep them in until Im ready to wash.
Ps, im a size 14 and wear an XL and they are a perfect fit.

Not enough cover

I really wanted to love these pants as much as my other Wuka products as I loved the sustainability of these ones being essentially waste products. However, for me the coverage of the pad just wasnt enough. It sat way too low and I felt anxious that I would leak. I did wear them all day and the looked great and were comfortable but I wouldn't be confident wearing these out unless I also wore a tampon.
Shame as all my other Wuka products are great. I will save these ones to wear on the very last day of my period when Im only very light so they wont go to waste.

Like magic

I love these period pants. I was dubious about swapping from a cup to period pants as I was worried about leakage & how to rinse and wash the pants. I had no need to be worried. These are brilliant, so comfortable, fit is just right and absolutely no leakage! It's honestly like magic how absorbant they are! I felt very confident wearing these.
I'm totally converted and wont go back to any other period product no.


Where were you all my life?
I hesitated a lot before trying these but have been advised by a friend to buy this brand. No regret at all, I am finally free from pads!!! Very absorbent, comfy, easy to wash. Nothing negative to say about it.