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The best ones yet

I've used quite a few different period undies from varying brands, absorbance levels and cuts and these are hands down the best ones I have found so far. They don't give you a visible panty line, which I love, and the "pad" part of the pant is really thin but still manages to keep everything dry all day. The design is pretty as well and feels comfortable to wear. Honeslty, if you're looking for a pair of high absorbance period undies, it should be this one!


I love these - GOTS certified organic cotton and sexy lace at the sides! I sized up to an M in these (I’m an 8-10) and so glad I did as the waist band would’ve been too tight otherwise. My partner was pleasantly surprised at these ones!! WUKA I love how all your products are eco-friendly and natural with no hidden ingredients, every time I’ve looked at other brands it says they’re anti bacterial so whether they use silver (which is bad for the ecosystem when you wash them) or chemicals which I don’t want next to my skin (especially down there!) I’m happy because a healthy period flow doesn’t require any odour neutralising, being clean and healthy is enough!! Thank you.

Great product

Post chemotherapy I am having erratic heavy periods and these pants have made me feel normal.
No leaking, just feel like comfy pants and also not the expense or faff of using pads.

Never going back

I was very sceptical about this product so I only brought one to try out on my next period. They were very comfy, I like the fit and how soft they are and the elastics not too tight on my tummy (can't have that when you have cramps) Had no leaks all day! Every time I went to the toilet I would keep checking, dabbing with paper to see if they were damp, but nothing! Love how wide the crotch is so I don't feel like anything will escape. Rinsed them out and washed them and they're just as good as new. Really noticed the difference wearing a sanitary pad for the rest of my period, much less breathable and secure. So I hopped on and bought two more pairs!


Was a little sceptical about period pants, but I'm on birth control causing regular spotting and was fed up of single-use products. Bought two pairs of hipsters first, and was so impressed by the comfort and absorbency that I immediately purchased a 5-pack of thongs. Never going back!!!

I wear a 12 in jeans / 10 in dresses, and bought a size S for a snug but comfy fit.

So comfy

The material is super soft and comfortable and they fit so nicely. And even under tighter trousers they are really smooth and don't feel bulky!

Great for plus size Queens

These are so incredibly comfortable and the best part is: they're true to size. I was worried that these would not be right for my size 22 UK / 5XL belly, hips & butt, but they are PERFECT. I have bought period pants off of Etsy, which said they're a UK 22, but they weren't at all, and so I bought a pair of these from the Factory Imperfects lot. (They were only in the Factory Imperfects because of a tag.) They're big ol' pants, but they don't feel like you're wearing a nappy, and there was no leakage during the heaviest part of my flow. I will never go back to single-use products now, never.

Best pants EVER

As underwear, these are sooo comfy. And as period underwear? Comfy, leak proof and look cute. The style is great, perfect for time of the month. I love that they cover the cheeks, the other styles can give me wedgies. Easy to use and clean. I opted for size M which was good, they are perfect. Usually I am a size XS/size 6-8 in clothes generally from other retailers so maybe sizing up for these is a good idea. I want to buy more, but they are a tad expensive. When on offer, will defo buy more multipacks of these!!


I work shift work as a Paramedic.
These pants are literally lifesavers. I have extremely heavy flow and because of the nature of my job it can be impossible at times to change pads or tampons etc
I've, embarrassingly, at times had to resort to swiping maternity pads or stuffing my knickers with inco-sheets or whatever I could find to stop myself from bleeding through my uniform!
These are worth every penny. Downside is the long drying times but this is managable.

Great product, game changer for periods

I have a fairly heavy flow and I've never had a leakage with these. They're really discrete and so also great for the initial and final spotting. They wash real good and look like they're made to last. I recommend WUKA to everyone I know.

Great product

These are really great. I was concerned about them not holding in the first days due to them being called "medium flow". This was not a problem at all they held until I actually just wanted to change them for bed. They are much more convenient than pads or tampons and much less faff.
I do agree with another commenter that the waistline is a bit hard. Maybe this is mandatory for them to stay up? But if you are making new ones I would say a softer waistline might be nice.


Very comfortable and nice fabric. Helps me to get through the day because of a pee leakage.The High Waist panties fit best. I wear them every day. They feel like usual underwear.But I need two pairs of these a day. So I hope the High Waist Super Heavy Flow in big sizes will be back soon.

Just excellent

These are the first period pants I have tried and I am a complete convert. Completely reliable even on heaviest days and nights. I have bought a second pair.

Bad Fit - Read for measurements

These cut into your skin pretty bad at your hips and outer thighs- just like the image of the person in the gray shirt. I'm a UK 12 / US 8 in jeans. I already sized up to an XL (UK 14-16). I can't go any larger because the coverage is good and would otherwise be baggy. They're not tight any where else, just on the outer sides and it makes me feel so unattractive. I don't have a muffin-top in panties, so these just REALLY remind me I'm wearing period panties. There was previously a size chart with a "leg opening" measurement, which helped me pick the XL. My measurements are 101cm hips and 75cm leg opening. Hope that helps! However... they work really well haha. I just feel hideous while wearing them which is not what I want to add to my period.

Had high hopes but just not quite there...

Saw these when they were brand new and had a pre-order offer so ordered. It was my first period pants as I have super heavy periods and basically did not think any would cut it, but these seemed like they might be the ones for me.
I tried them on the first night of my period, and to give them a chance I used a tampon too. They lasted a few hours of the night then leaked. Really disappointing as I had high hopes. Unfortunately the gusset area was full but belly and back areas were not wet, so the flow had not travelled into the more absorbant areas of the pants successfully. It is odd really that the most absorbant areas are up around your tummy and back where there is very thick and wide wadding, but the gusset seems narrow and inadequate for super heavy flow.
Also definitely found them tight and sitting a bit annoyingly low, cutting into your belly. Would have sized up if I had read reviews but as I ordered at launch there was none.
What is with the tight rather inflexible plastic-type mesh at the sides too. Why can't we have nice soft fabric at the sides, the mesh is not that stretchy and feels unpleasant.
All in all, works pretty well but can't trust them on my first day/night and just not quite as great as they could have been!

Changed my life

Odour free, nice design, chemical free, environmentally friendly and full protection for super heavy flows / flooding like mine? . My first thoughts were if that’s the case why have I never heard of this brand before. I order a pair sceptically and wore them at home without tampons on my second day when I usually have my heaviest day and flooding sometimes. I can’t say if they are long lasting or not, I’ve had them for a short while but that day, these period pants worked miracles for me. Complete absorbency which I never ever thought possible for me and it lasted the entire day. I no longer have to keep my day 2 period day schedule clear and near a toilet for fear of flooding. I can go out this gives me life changing freedom.
I highly recommend it

Fantastic - so glad I bought these

I looked into buying these as I've been keen to cut down on waste for a long time, and up until now have been using washable pads. While the washables have been a pretty good solution to disposable pads, they caused a lot of chaffing when I would cycle every day to and from work, and I would dread the commute!
I've worn these for the first time during my period, and they're a LIFE SAVER. They're so comfortable to wear whenever I cycle (no more chaffing!), and throughout the day as well. They work perfectly for my period, and I've had absolutely no issues with leaking, odours or anything else. I've worn one pair for the entire day and not had to change thorughout the day. They fit so well and are just like wearing regular knickers, but with the bonus of not having to worry about changing pads or contribute to the issue of waste. Love them so much, thank you!!

Really comfortable

I bought some of these as a birthday present for a friend and for myself (after we had a chat about whether period pants would be any good!). We're both used to using menstrual cups and/or cloth pads. And we both think the pants are brilliant - absorbent and comfortable to wear all day. Much better than pads sliding around everywhere. I'll be sticking to my cup for heavier days of my cycle, but I'm definitely going to get some more of these (or the lighter flow versions) for spotting days and for wearing at night.

Breaking on the side

Amazing period protection but unfortunately thin nett on the side broke on all 3 pairs I bought. How is that possible that these has such good reviews…

Bad quality tekstile on the side

Just ordered 3 pack with, midi brief super heavy flow. The period protection part feels amazing but the nett material on the sides broke already in two of my penties when I put them for first time. I have pain a lot for shipwmwnt since this is UK-Norway (guess extra tax in norway) and feeling very dissapointed :(((

Wish these had been around when I was younger!

I purchased a set of these for different flow days for my daughter - she has given them 10/10! She said they make life simpler and way more comfortable - what more could you ask?

Very happy great value

I was really happy to be able to give my daughter such a lovely little bundle when she started her period. Of course she was rather non plussed! The pants are great and the little pouch has been really useful for her being able to keep a spare pair in her school bag.

So good!

This hot water bottle is amazing and better priced than many others out there. I use it when I have flare-ups of my chronic pain and I'm sure it will be great for my period too. I love how it has a pocket you can tuck your hands into. Only downside is that you'll need to add a longer ribbon to tie it around yourself if you are fat but that's pretty easy to do.

Bought a 3 pack last month they are super helpful. They are way more absorbent than they are even said to be, lasting up to 24 hrs. Also super comfy, they just blend in like normal underwear.

I agree with another reviewer that they have a slightly hard waistline. Its not enough to bother me really but or can dig in a bit - if you are taking design tips I would say get a softer waistline!

Comfy and practical

I bought my daughter some of these when her periods started coming regularly. She was getting really heavy bleeds but these pants cope really well, day or night. My friend who also has heavy periods recommended Wuka period pants to me, and I'm really happy we took the plunge. My daughter happily uses them, and prefers them to using towels. Great product, and pleased to support this innovative company.