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Stretch Seamless Collection

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      NEW WUKA Stretch™ period pants are the world’s first full brief, seamless multi-size period pants featuring patented Stretch™ technology; engineered to last, retain their stretch and mould comfortably to all body shapes. Available in 2 styles: midi brief and high waist, UK Sizes 6-22.


      NEW WUKA Stretch™ period pants are the world’s first full brief, seamless multi-size period pants designed to offer maximum period protection - sculpts to fit all body shapes.

      WUKA Stretch pants are the world's first full brief, seamless multi-size period pants
      WUKA Stretch are seamless in construction and designed to adjust to your size

      WUKA Stretch™ are seamless in construction and discreet, these super soft pants are designed to adjust to your size - figure-flattering fabric and no VPL.

      FAQs: Stretch Seamless Collection

      WUKA Stretch pants are perfect for people who struggle to find the right size of period pants. Taking the guesswork out of sizing, one pair of WUKA stretch can stretch up to four sizes so you can say hello to a more comfortable, sustainable period.

      In true taboo-breaking WUKA style, Stretch™ features our new patented Stretch™ technology— a meticulously designed suspended gusset is built in to each pair of underwear, engineered to retain its stretch, expand or contract depending on your unique shape. Figure flattering with a completely seamless construction, you’ll find no VPL’s here.
      For everyone who wants a more comfy, leakfree period. Our Stretch™ technology means you can wear these period pants no matter how your body shape and size changes. Our custom collections are design with adults, teens and even people with sensitive skin in mind.
      Perfect for new mothers, WUKA Stretch was designed for you- super soft, comfy and designed to adjust to your body as it changes post pregnancy. The seamless design is gentle and sensitive to skin.
      Layers. Our many layers contribute to making sure you get a long lasting feeling of dryness and security, not having to worry about leakage, smell or infection. Every pair includes a super absorbent gusset which consists of many layers, the middle layers absorb and lock in the blood whilst working with the outer layer to ensure you stay dry through your day to day activities! Period pants look and feel like your regular underwear but they are leak-proof, which means you don't have to wear a pad, a tampon or menstrual cup when you wear them during your period.
      We find that 5-7 pairs is best for most customers considering they last up to 2 years. Check out our savings on bundle cycle sets for 3 to 5 pairs.
      The simple answer is no! WUKA has been committed since day one to not use any harmful chemicals in the production of our products. All of the materials that we use are planet friendly, animal friendly and contain no added chemicals, such as silver or antibacterial treatments, stain-resistant or Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs or PFSAs). All WUKA are independently tested by Highstreet Textile Testing Services Ltd (HTTS) who guarantee there is zero trace of PFA's in our products.
      Our WUKA Stretch period pants require a cold wash only. If your machine doesn’t have this setting, hand washing is your best alternative. We recommend treating your period pants as delicates. Using our mesh laundry bag will help to protect the fabric and prolong the life of your underwear.

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