Giving Back

As part of our mission to help put an end to period poverty, we choose to donate to those most in need. We donate Period Pants, our time or money, to as many charities and organisations as we can.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, grows outside of the uterus. It can be found in every organ of the body but is more commonly found on the outside of the uterus, ovaries, bladder, bowel, kidneys and diaphragm. It causes a lot of inflammation, scar tissue and pain. It affects 1 in 10 of those assigned female at birth and there is no cure. It takes an average of 8 years to get a diagnosis
1% of all sales donated to EndometriosisUK

Endometriosis UK helps people suffering with the disease and their loved ones to take back control of their lives. One in ten women and those assigned female at birth are living with endometriosis with symptoms including heavy bleeding, terrible pain from inflammation and scar tissue. That’s over 1.5 million who desperately need support and information to help them understand this chronic condition. That's why throughout March, WUKA is proud to donate 1% of all Heavy Flow product sales to Endometriosis UK so they can provide vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected.

Kujuwa Initiative

Kujuwa Initiative is a charity based in Kenya which trains and supports young people, families and educators in sexual reproductive health, rights and menstrual hygiene management. Kujuwa Initiative employs women to produce washable sanitary pads using fabric waste from the SOKO Kenya Clothing Factory and donates them to girls alongside training.


Choose Love is a UK-based non-governmental organisation which provides humanitarian aid to, and advocacy for, refugees around the world. In 2016, it became the largest grassroots distributor of aid in Europe. Choose Love has raised millions to support displaced and vulnerable communities, and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

How do we contribute?

Founded in the UK and by a fellow migrant Ruby Raut, WUKA is one of the UK's best-selling reusable period pants brands. Placing people and the planet at the heart of their mission, WUKA believe that everyone has the right to affordable, comfortable and sustainable period care. This is why we are so proud to support Choose Love and help millions of girls, women and people who have periods by providing them with WUKA Period Pants. WUKA has already donated over 450 pairs of period pants to Choose Love. As a part of our Ethical Black Friday offer, 1% of EVERY sale will go to Choose Love, helping to tackle period poverty and give crucial humanitarian aid.

The Choose Love Shop is a new charity model that has provided refugees and displaced communities with everything from emergency services to food to legal advice. They lift the voices and needs of refugees and build public support to aid refugees globally. Across the last five years, they have reached over one million refugees and raised funds for nearly 150 organisations that provide vital support at each stage of migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and across the US-Mexico border.

‘Choose Love is incredibly grateful to WUKA for its generous donation of period pants. For women, it is very important to have access to sanitary products, and via WUKA's partnership many refugee and migrant women now can. More often than not, refugee and migrant women live in precarious conditions, struggling to cover their basic needs financially, and donations such as this one aim at providing them with a monthly necessity that would be very costly for them to cover otherwise. At the same time, reusable products, like WUKA's period pants, allow needs to be met whilst also decreasing the amount of non-biodegradable products ending up in landfill.’ - Jacob Briggs (him/his), Charity Partnerships Manager at Choose Love


Mermaids is one of the leading trans youth charities in the UK, working to support transgender and gender non-conforming children, young people and their families.

How do we contribute?

We want to make period comfort accessible to the trans, gender fluid and non-binary communities. Alongside Mermaids, we can be a platform that supports everyone. £1 from every WUKA Ultimate™ Boxer Shorts purchased will be donated to Mermaids.

As we strive to improve access to sustainable period products, eliminate period poverty and remove period shame and stigma, it’s important that we consider diverse experiences. Help break down the gender barriers of period comfort by supporting Mermaids with WUKA.

‘Mermaids are thrilled to have been chosen by WUKA as their charity partner of the year. We pride ourselves on celebrating and supporting trans, gender-diverse and non-binary children, young people, and their families, and we’re excited to partner with a brand that shares our commitment to inclusivity. It’s essential that young people who have periods have access to the products they need. That’s why we’re thrilled WUKA will be gifting us with their products at our events for our young people. We are also really thankful that they will be donating some of their profits to Mermaids, as this helps to ensure we can continue doing the important work we are doing for our community.’ - Bex Shorunke (she/her), PR & Media Engagement Manager at Mermaids

days for girls

Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education. They are changing the narrative of periods from shame to celebration by educating young girls and women about menstruation.

Our Contribution

We regularly donate Period Pants to Days for Girls. Throughout December 2020, we donated one pair of Period Pants for every order we received. We continue to support their programme in Nepal.

Days for Girls opened a centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, to provide menstrual products and education after an earthquake in 2015. They soon noticed the ongoing practice of chaupadi, a tradition where women and girls are made to stay in small huts or sheds while menstruating. They are often at risk of snake bites, severe weather and violence due to the isolation and stigma surrounding menstruation. 

Below is an example of how the charity is changing lives: 

Namaste, I am Namrata Shahi. I am 18 years old. I got the opportunity to attend MYO Training (Make Your Own Training) after my School Leaving Certificate examination. I received DfG Sanitary Kits, which were very easy to use and effective as well. I think this is the first time I had ever seen this kind of pad distributed here in Kalikot. Before DFG Health Training I used to stay in a shed during my period. Through the training I came to know that period is a natural process and it’s beautiful. As a trainer, I am able to speak boldly in front of people. I live in my house in a separate room, instead of a shed and I do respect my parents and I also eat nutritious food during my period.” - Namara     

Previous Partnerships

Here are some of the charities and organisations we have previously donated to.

The Hygiene Bank

We donated one pair of Period Pants or a Reusable Pad for every order made over 2020’s Black Friday weekend to the Hygiene Bank, who provide people with access to basics to feel clean, confident and healthy.

City to Sea

We donated WUKA Period Pants for City to Sea's Rethink Periods Project, providing materials for lessons in the UK. Rethink Periods provides unbiased, free programmes for period education in schools.

Surfers Against Sewage

We donated 1% of sales from our Perform™ Seamless range to Surfers Against Sewage, a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that protects our oceans, beaches and wildlife.


We donated to WEN for a period product demonstration programme. WEN raises awareness of hidden plastic and chemicals in conventional menstrual products and promotes reusable, organic options.


In reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak, we donated 600 pairs of Period Pants to those on the front line of our NHS. This helped those working long shifts in hospital. We also raised over £2000.


We donated 60 pairs of Period Pants to Freedom for Girls, a UK-registered charity fighting against period poverty. They work to challenge stigmas, taboos and gender equalities associated with menstruation.

Bloody Good Period

We donated Period Pants and reusable pads to Bloody Good Period, who provides 40 nationwide asylum seeker drop-in centres with period products for those who can't afford them.

Perthshire Women's Aid

We donated Period Pants to Perthshire Women's Aid, an independent charity supporting those who are fleeing domestic abuse and other forms of gender-based violence.  

Solace Women's Aid

We donated Period Pants to Solace Women's Aid, an organisation which supports survivors of domestic abuse and all forms of Violence Against Women & Girls (WAWG).

Give Your Best

We donated Period Pants to Give Your Best, an organisation that works to empower and provide clothing to people in need of women's clothes, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Butterfly House

We donated Period Pants to Butterfly House, a Bedfordshire-based women's refuge, run by Places for People Living+  for women and their children fleeing domestic abuse.


We donated Period Pants to WHAG (formerly Women's Houses Action Group), a charity that offers supported accommodation and domestic abuse services for women and men.