Overnight Period Underwear

Say goodbye to underwear nightmares and hello to dreamy leak-free sleep with WUKA’s Overnight period underwear collection. 

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      FAQS: Overnight Collection

      WUKA Overnight period underwear are designed specifically for sleeping on your period, even if you have a heavy flow. They provide the extra coverage, comfort and leakproof protection that you need at bedtime. You can wear them all night long without worrying about leaks on the sheets.
      WUKA provides period underwear in many different flow and style options - if you have periods there is definitely something for you. The best period underwear to wear for sleep, especially if you have a heavy period, are WUKA Overnight period underwear as they absorb the equivalent of 6 disposable pads and have a super absorbent gusset that extends all the way to the back.
      Yes. There is a wide super absorbent layer that goes all the way to the back protecting you from leaks even when you are laying down or moving around in your sleep.
      With WUKA Overnight, you can sleep easy knowing that you are fully protected from leaks. There is no need to sleep in certain positions or readjust.
      Periods can have a huge impact on your sleep. A way to improve sleep quality during your period is wearing WUKA Overnight period underwear as they offer leakproof full coverage whilst providing comfort.
      When wearing WUKA Overnight period underwear , you are protected from leaks no matter the position you sleep in. Sleeping in the fetal position can help to take pressure off of your abdominal muscles, helping to relieve period cramps.
      To sleep comfortably on your period, you should wear leakproof protection, that doesn't need readjusting and is comfortable, like WUKA Overnight period underwear . Also to soothe period pain, we recommend applying heat to your tummy using a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle and sleeping in the fetal position which takes pressure off of your abdominal muscles.
      WUKA Overnight period underwear absorb the equivalent of 6 disposable pads. WUKA Overnight period vare perfect for those with a heavy flow as they are leakproof and require only 1 pair a night - no more waking up in the middle of the night to switch period products.
      If you are on your period, it is best to sleep with a period product to absorb your flow. Using a disposable pad is not a good option as pads can move about whilst you sleep, causing leaks, constant readjusting and discomfort. Wear WUKA Overnight period underwear for a leak-free night without the hassle.
      The super absorbent layer AKA the gusset provides the coverage you need for a good night sleep, even if you have a heavy flow. The gusset securely sits at the front middle and extends all the way to the back waistline, providing full coverage from leaks when laying down or moving about at night.