WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow - back
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow - front
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow - lifestyle
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow - lifestyle
models wear WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow -
models wear WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow -
WUKA super heavy flow - holds up tp 60ml of blood. Gusset absorbs up to 12 tampons..

WUKA Ultimate™ Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow

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WUKA Period Pants - Super Heavy Flow. Holds up to 60ml of period blood. Made of Tencel. Use, Machine wash, Reuse.

WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief Super Heavy Flow period pants are your complete tampon and pad replacement and our highest absorbency. You can wear them for up to 24 hours when the need arises! We recommend not more than 12 for hygiene reasons. 

Wear them for long shifts, sleeping or postpartum bleeding. 

Holds at least 60ml of period flow / 12 regular tampons' worth.

  • Super absorbent full gusset goes all the way from the front to the back to prevent any leaks.

  • Midi Brief style, with high gusset, great coverage and leak-free.

  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured from Tencel™ fabric, 3.5x softer than cotton with Eco Soft Technology.

  • The pad is thicker than other styles - c. 3mm thick, around the same as a super absorbent disposable pad. 

Carbon Neutral +, Made from TENCEL, Vegan

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HANDWASH: After use, rinse with cold water.

MACHINE WASH: Pop your WUKA with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30 to 40 degrees. Don't use fabric conditioner.
We suggest that Perform Collection and Re-purpose Collection styles should be washed cold. We also recommend washing any WUKAs with mesh or lace in a wash bag. This will help prolong the life and the strength of the mesh.

: Air dry your WUKA Period Pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Don't tumble dry it.

For the first 40 days after you receive an order we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pants, this allows you to try them hassle free. If they don’t fit then you are welcome to exchange for a different size or get a full refund.


How does WUKA Super Heavy Flow work? Featuring a DOUBLE absorbent layer on the gusset whilst still feeling ultra thin. It’s perfect to sleep in, work long hour shifts or postpartum bleeding.

Super Heavy Flow - Infographic of layers
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WUKA Super Heavy Flow are the only Period Pants that holds up to 60 ml of period blood. Double absorbent layers on the gusset. Leak-proof from front to back.

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Customer Reviews

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I purchased these for my grand daughter. No leaks whatsoever and she says they're very comfortable. She's starting high school this year and not worried at all now about leaks or having to ask to go to bathroom. I would recommend these to anyone, don't hesitate to buy them you won't be disappointed.

Very impressed

I bought these for my teenage daughter - she was initially very sceptical and reluctant to try them but is now a total convert! They are comfortable to wear, but most importantly she is now very confident that they won't leak which was the big sell. She does need to get more organised at getting them in the wash so they have time to dry and she doesn't run out - but as she's seeing the benefits she's getting better at that!!

These have changed my life!

I know it sounds cheesy but these knickers have changed my (period) life! I’ve been using tampons for all my period life and struggled with leaks on heavy days and at night. On heavy days and nights I had to double up with a sanitary towel and tampon to avoid those leaks.
My Wuka knickers last me all day or night with no leaks whatsoever, they are amazing! They are comfortable and it feels like your wearing a normal pair of knickers. They absorb the blood so well and they don’t feel wet or squelchy! They also wash really well and dry quickly.
I have 4 pairs which I alternate, 2 medium flow for lighter days and 2 super heavy flow for heavier days.
I’ve converted all of my friends and they all say the same.
Thank you Wuka 🙂