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Gift Guide for Teens

Gift Guide for Teens

Say goodbye to the same old boring and predictable Christmas gifts- your t(w)eens deserve better! This festive season, we’re delighted to bring you a gift guide perfect for the young people in your life, so you can make this Christmas memorable for all the right reasons! 

Stocking Fillers Under £15

Looking for awesome stocking fillers that won’t break the bank, and won’t end up on the ‘discarded gifts’ pile by Boxing Day? Look no further. 

WUKA x Rebel Girls Book- ‘Growing up Powerful- the Period and Puberty Edition’

Gift Guide for Teens

If you’re looking for a meaningful stocking filler gift, this is it. The WUKA x Rebel Girls book has been created to help empower the young women in your life as they navigate growing up. This gorgeous book really is bold and big-hearted, giving girls the tools they ned to become their most confident selves- and so they can grow up to Wake Up and Kick Ass! 

There’s never been a better time to empower the young women in your life as they work their way through the sometimes turbulent journey of puberty- and this is a gift that will really help prepare them for the changes ahead.

 Featuring the inside scoop on all things girlhood, it’s filled with helpful advice, Q&As between experts and girls around the world, plus fun quizzes too. Perfect for girls aged 8 to 12. Buy now for £12.99.

WUKA Stretch™ Period Pants for Teens

Did you know that 99% of crackers end up in the bin on Christmas day!* Well boy don't we have a treat for your teens, with the cracker that gives back every single month.

THE go to period product for your teen or tween, and a budget friendly option for you too! With clever Stretch™ technology, the Teen Stretch™ period pants are designed to grow with your child (up to four sizes!) so you don’t need to constantly re-buy and replace them. Clever, huh?

What makes Teen Stretch™ the perfect practical Christmas gift? Well, let’s face it, periods don’t stop for Christmas- and chances are, your teen’s cycle has already gatecrashed the festivities this year.  Wearing period pants will help to make it all a little more comfortable and fuss-free. This is a gift that truly keeps on giving- for up to two years, in fact!

Period pants are an ideal gift choice for the eco-conscious teen who wants to turn their back on single-use tampons and pads in favour of slow-fashion alternatives. Now available in our festive WUKA Christmas Cracker! Buy now from £18

WUKA QuickDry Hair Wrap

Got a teen who takes pride in their luscious locks? We’ve got you. The WUKA QuickDry Hair Wrap is gentle and lightweight, designed to dry wet hair super fast- and can even be worn to bed!

Made from a super absorbent, quick drying material, the wrap is perfect for taming wet hair and keeping knots at bay. It’s suitable for all ages, plus it features an adjustable button-loop closure so it always fits just right, no matter what the hair type. 

We have to say, we LOVE the awesome Power Print design too- effortlessly stylish, and the ultimate accessory for post-swim hangouts or just chilling on hair wash day!  

Pop a WUKA hair wrap in their stocking this year for frizz-free, fuss-free pamper days. Buy now for £14.

Gifts Under £30

For gifts you know they’re going to use again and again. Gifts that are practical, purposeful and 100% plastic-free!

wearable hot water bottle

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle 

The WUKA wearable hot water bottle  makes a fantastic gift… you might not want to wait until Christmas for this one!

As the temperature drops and the cold creeps in, this nifty hot water bottle is perfect for keeping chills at bay- and let’s not forget it’s a real pro at soothing those pesky period cramps too!

Trust us, this isn’t just any old, run of the mill hot water bottle. This eco-friendly version is made to be worn wrapped around your body to provide warmth and comfort exactly where you need it. It even has a pocket for your teen’s phone! 

And for this year's festive celebrations, our hot water bottle has had a glow up- with a rather dashing stripy knit cover to keep their toes warm at night! It's just as long, just as snuggly, and just as proficient at chasing those tummy cramps away too. 

Complete with MegaCozy fleece cover, or new limited edition stripy knit, the WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle is tailor-made for snuggly moments- buy now for £24.99.

WUKA First Period pack- Stretch™

This is the perfect gift for a girl who’s just started, or about to start, her period. The road ahead might look uncertain for you both, but it doesn’t need to be daunting too. Celebrate this milestone and make it really special this Christmas, with our First Period Pack, now featuring our best selling Teen Stretch™ period pants and free copy of WUKA x Rebel Girls book, ‘Growing up Powerful: the Periods and Puberty Edition’! 

Gift Guide for Teens

Teen Stretch period pants are tailored especially for teens and tweens, to ensure they always have a comfortable and stress-free period- and so that they can navigate their first period with pride and confidence. Plus, the innovative Stretch™material fits across four sizes (2XS- S and S-L), so they’ll continue to fit as they grow, for ultimate comfort, confidence and protection.

The First Period Pack contains; 1x WUKA Teen Stretch™ period pants, 1x FREE WUKAx Rebel Girls ‘Growing Up Powerful: Periods and Puberty Edition’ book, 1x WUKA two pocket wet bag. Buy now for £25.99.

WUKA Everyday™ Bralette 

Gift Guide for Teens

Give your teen the gift of ultimate comfort with our super sort, sustainable and ultra flattering Everyday™ black bralette. It’s wire-free and unpadded for comfort, and made from eco-friendly Tencel™ Modal (responsibly sourced wood pulp from beech tree), making it over three times softer than cotton for second-skin comfort!  

We LOVE the gorgeous cross-over style of this bralette. Plus, the wide under band and adjustable straps with triple hook fastening makes it easy to wear, providing the ultimate in comfort and support. 

The Everyday™ bralette is available in size sizes (XS- 2XL), making it a perfect gift for young girls this Christmas. Buy now for £25.