Are people happy with their menstrual products?

Let’s talk periods 🔴. In the last 50 years there has been little innovation in menstrual products. We wanted to know if people were happy with what few choices we do have for managing those days, after all, given the millions of 💵 that’s poured into marketing these products, they’d be pretty awesome right? So we asked 452 people from 18–46 years what their experience was.

What we found out was 👁 opening. 😲 jaw dropping. But unfortunately also very familiar.

This is a wordcloud of the answers to “Are there any drawbacks to your current menstrual product?” Leaks 💧was the number one complaint closely followed by messy 💦 but there is a very long list of complaints depending on the products women used.

It turns out Sanitary Pads followed by Tampons are a person’s product of choice, with a minority also experimenting with reusable products such as reusable pads and menstrual cups. It turns out that 59% of responders also reach for a specific underwear to use during their period! So we asked what kind of underwear they like to wear.

During menstruation women like black, secure and comfortable panties, to help avoid up those annoying stains and not to spoil those expensive Calvin’s no doubt.

But let’s keep it real, there’s a few other issues we worry about too, ones we tend not to talk about;

😷77% of people think about the health risks of using a menstrual product when choosing one.

Ok, it’s 2017, in an age of self-driving cars and designer babies surely its possible to solve this issue so people can feel secure in their choice and not worry about thrush or toxic shock syndrome while getting ready in the morning.

🚿 80% of people are concerned about staying clean during their period and 🙀66% of women are also concerned with their body odour during their period.

It’s tough to stay clean while changing a tampon three times a day, let alone trying to change a menstrual cup in a public bathroom and staying fresh!

🚨 71% of people are concerned (a little and a lot) about their menstrual product failing.

And while 90% of people have heard of reusable products, most of us don’t know how to use them or heard a horror story once and now reject them out of hand. There are a few plucky women who support WAHMs (Work at home mums) who make reusable sanitary pads and those who have perfected the art of ‘Mooncup’ing but they are few and far between.

The verdict is pretty damning on the state of menstrual products. They are failing everyone and failing badly and it’s past time for change.

The good news is solving this problem is not 🚀 science! Its just material science and some 🤓 design, something we at WUKA. are pretty good at.

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