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Period bikini pants

This product is amazing! I buy these for my teenage granddaughter ( who is a competitive swimmer) They are not noticeable under her fastskin. Therefore, she never has to miss a swim session or competition.

Meant to be age 8-12 but wouldn't go near my 9 year old and she's a skinny thing. I compared them to my 4 year olds pants and the waistband is exactly the same size! Can't return them because they were on sale so I'm stuck with them.

Hi, the waistband will appear small but they stretch 3 body sizes!
They are completely unique in this regard so I would urge her to try them on.
Thousands of teen girls use these and this style is supplied to schools across the UK so she is in good company.
If she tries them and still does not like them then please reach out to customer services and we will provide a refund.

In love ❤️ these are so amazing 👏

In love ❤️ these are so amazing 👏

So good I bought 4 sets!

I bought 3 x heavy flow in these last year and mainly wore them at night because I was scared to trust them out and about in case I leaked. Over time I wore them round the house and then braved them out to work at a hospital shift, but with a tampon, just because I would be out of the house for 15 hours and they say to wear up to 12 hours. My periods can be so heavy that I could leak through a super plus tampon and a sanitary towel within 2-5 hours. With WUKA I have never leaked through them and now own the super heavy, heavy and medium flow. I recommend these to my friends but most of them are on mini pill so don’t bleed. When my daughter starts her periods I am relieved she will be able to wear these, I remember the countless leaking through clothes incidents in my youth and know it will take a lot of period related anxiety away that young girls shouldn’t have to worry about. My only criticism is that inside the knickers in my first set the white writing (label) has washed off so I think I will be waving them all around searching my drawers trying to guess which flow they all are in the future!

WUKA Teen Stretch Seamless - Heavy flow - Black

Blown away with these! What a fantastic product I’ve just ordered another 3 pack to completely change over from sanitary products

Life saving difference during heavy flows! No more feeling worried about leaks.

Great product, alerts offer these for my girls

Great product always order these for my girls

Pleasantly surprised

I bought these to have a little more leak protection overnight and decided to give them a try solo.
I had no leaks, was comfortable all night and felt dry in the morning. I'm glad I bought these and will be getting at least two more pairs as they do take some time to dry. The pants are easy to rinse and can be machine washed, although imysure a hand wash will work as well if they're rinsed thoroughly.

Comfort & design

I used them a few times already and I'm happy to say they are worth every penny. They are luxery and comfortable. I feel confident.
Look forward my next order. Well done.

Love these! I no longer feel conscious when I'm on my period, I feel free and safe!

Brilliant 🤩

Perfectly petite. Very discreet fit. These are my 1st choice for outdoor wear as I can’t even feel the extra padding. On not-so-lighter days out, I’d rather discretely swap out 2 of these, and keep feeling super fresh & protected than feel like I’ve got a tea towel wrapped around my pants because the significant extra padding heavier flow products use. Super happy. These are my new go to size 🤩

Best bralette ever - worthwhile investment

I bought two of these Wuka bralettes about two years ago when I bought my first pack of period panties and they're the best best best out there. I have tried other bralettes from highstreet shops and they don't even hold a candle to my Wukas. I wear them literally every day and they have lasted me two years and still are like new. So I defo recommend investing in these! I've made my money back now cause they are the only ones I will wear. They are worth every penny I spent!

Great waterproof bag for when you’re travelling or on the go and need to change your underwear or pad

So comfortable, and they don’t leak!!

Like I said definitely hold ya makes a difference in not always having to buy pads

Great wee bag

Best to put ur pants in

These I would buy bigger size for sure

100% best buy ever I suffer heavy periods and must say they hold me would definitely buy again when I need more