WUKA Ultimate High Waist Period Pants Style Super Heavy Flow Black Colour Model
WUKA Ultimate High Waist Period Pants Style Super Heavy Flow Black Colour Side
WUKA Ultimate High Waist Period Pants Style Super Heavy Flow Black Colour Back

WUKA Ultimate™ High Waist - Super Heavy

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XXS 4-6 30-32 0-1
XS 6-8 32-34 1-2
S 8-10 34-36 2-4 
M 10-12 38-40 6-8
L 12-14 42-44 10-12
XL 14-16 44-46 12-14
2XL 16-18 46-48 14-16
3XL 18-20 48-50 16-18
4XL 20-22 50-52 18-20
5XL 22-24 52-54 20-22
6XL 24-26 54-56 22-24


Styles: High Waist, Midi Brief, Bikini, Hipster

How to Measure Your Hip SizeHow to measure your body
WUKA TIP: No tape measure? 
You can measure yourself with a belt or dressing gown cord and a 30cm ruler! Tie the belt around your hips, place a piece of tape or pinch where it reaches, then lay flat and carefully use the ruler to measure the length.

High Waist: High Rise Gusset and Leakproof layers

wuka high waist gusset

 WUKA Period Pants - Super Heavy Flow. Holds up to 60ml of period blood. Made of Tencel. Use, Machine wash, Reuse.

Our maximum level of absorbency

WUKA Ultimate High Waist Heavy Flow period underwear are your complete tampon and pad replacement. You can wear them for up to 24 hours when the need arises! We recommend not more than 12 for hygiene reasons. You know your flow best. 

Wear them for long shifts, sleeping or postpartum bleeding. 

Holds at least 60 ml of period flow or light leaks / 12 tampons' worth.

  • High waisted style, super stretch - up to 45% stretch at the waist, so you stay comfy and supported, even when bloated!

  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured from Tencel™ fabric, 3.5x softer than cotton with Eco Soft Technology. 

  • The pad is thicker than other styles - c. 3mm thick, around the same as a super absorbent disposable pad. 

  • High Gusset, great coverage and leak-free.

  • Fits true to your size, You do not need to size up


Carbon Neutral +, Made from TENCEL, Vegan

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HANDWASH: After use, rinse with cold water.

MACHINE WASH: Pop your WUKA with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30 to 40 degrees. Don't use fabric conditioner.
We suggest that Perform Collection and Re-purpose Collection styles should be washed cold. We also recommend washing any WUKAs with mesh or lace in a wash bag. This will help prolong the life and the strength of the mesh.

: Air dry your WUKA Period underwear outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Don't tumble dry it.

For the first 40 days after you receive an order we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA underwear, this allows you to try them hassle free. If they don’t fit then you are welcome to exchange for a different size or get a full refund.

Outer : 95% TENCEL modal. 5% elastane Middle: 80% polyester,20% elastane Breathable TPU
Inner: 95% TENCEL modal. 5% elastane

made for the planet
made with good things

All of our underwear is mindfully created to be great for your body and good for the environment. From the Better Cotton Initiative, Organic Certified to Vegan and Carbon Neutral. Our undies were designed with the future in mind.

Wuka Period Pants are designed using eco-friendly resources such as Tencel, Organic Cotton and Recycled Nylon. WUKA is approved by Vegan Society, Global Organic Textiles, and BCI Cotton.
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UKA Super Heavy Flow are the only Period underwear that holds up to 60 ml of period blood. Double absorbent

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
I will never go back to tampons

As a heavy flow girly; I use super tampons and a pad and then still end up leaking every hour or so on my first two days I have to say I’m completely impressed! At 37 years old I’ve finally found the answer; and in a pair of knickers!
They are exceptional at holding the blood flow, if I was brave enough I’d make a social media post highlighting just how amazing these are. I wish I could afford another five pairs because genuinely these are the best option I’ve come across

Finally some super heavy period pants!

Great, they do exactly as they say! I was struggling finding period pants that could cope with my flow, as I'm very heavy. These work perfectly and now I don't worry about feeling damp or overflowing the pants. Will go to WUKA when replacement pants are needed!

Second pair great knickers

I brought a second pair as I loved my first so much, these are such great nighttime knickers. They are very high waisted and I sized down which most people recommend. I am normally a 10-12 but brought small.

I am heavy flow and these handle all day and nightwear with no problem at all. I recommend wuka to all my friends and family and so much more comfortable than tampons or pads. You can workout in the knickers too and know you won’t leak

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