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Keep your WUKA period pants in perfect condition with our specially designed wash/laundry bags. Made with durable materials, optimal for machine washing, these bags will protect your pants and extend their lifespan.

      All our period pants for tweens and teenagers make their period a no-anxiety experience. Easy to use, easy to wash and reuse. We have styles starting from 2XS / Age 10-12. Your teen can have a stress free period whether its styles for sport, swimming or just daily activities, we have you covered. 
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      FAQS - STRETCH Colleection

      WUKA Stretch pants are perfect for people who struggle to find the right size of period pants. Taking the guesswork out of sizing, one pair of WUKA stretch can stretch up to four sizes so you can say hello to a more comfortable, sustainable period.

      WUKA Stretch period pants are made from super-soft Microfibre, a super soft and elasticated material that offers you maximum comfort and leak-free coverage.
      Absolutely! We designed the Stretch collection to give everyone the chance to switch to reusable period pants- especially those with a heavier flow! Our Heavy Flow pants hold the equivalent of 2-3 pad or 4 tampons' worth of menstrual fluid.