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Period Sex

Have you thought about having period sex?

Period sex is becoming less of a taboo and a topic people are beginning to feel comfortable to talk about. WUKA is all about breaking taboos and ensuring that you can do whatever you like during your period. Whether it's going swimming with your WUKA swim bikini, or running a marathon as many of our customers have done so with their WUKA heavy; period sex is also something that may like to do.

There is so much media attention on normalising periods and empowering people with periods to embrace their periods. After all, it's natural and without it, none of us would be here.

This is one of our favourite by Rachel Bloom song called Period Sex, once you hear it, you will be signing this all day. The video is below.

There is no biological reason why people can’t have sex during their period, it is simply a case of personal preferences.

Reasons to Have Period Sex

  • Some people have an increased sex drive during their period due to a change in hormones
  • Period blood can be used as a natural lubricant, meaning you can forget about using gels and oils
  • A study has shown that headaches caused by menstruation can be reduced through having sex at this time
  • Menstrual cramps may be reduced if you orgasm, as the muscles of the uterus contract and then release, which should bring relief
  • Period sex may lead to shorter periods as the muscle contractions that are caused during an orgasm push out the lining of the womb (period blood) quicker
  • Low chance of pregnancy, although if you’re not trying to get pregnant condoms and/ or birth control should be used

Reason Not to Have Period Sex

Period sex can be messy
May cause anxiety. It can be harder to relax if you’re conscious that you’re bleeding
Period blood can have an unpleasant smell
If you have HIV or hepatitis it can be easier to spread through contact with blood

Tips on Having Period Sex

  • Place a dark coloured towel underneath you
  • Always remove a tampon or a hard menstrual cup, as these are not safe to wear during sex. If a tampon becomes lodged high up inside you, you may forget to take it out which may lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Keep wet wipes or a flannel close by so you are able to clean up easier
  • Have sex in the shower or bath
  • Lie in the missionary position (you lie on your back to reduce blood loss)
  • Talk to your partner, tell them what you are, and are not, happy to do. Give them the opportunity to ask questions
  • Try various sex positions as some may be more comfortable than others
  • Using birth control and condoms is still important if you are avoiding pregnancy and to protect against sexually transmitted infections
  • Stick to the lighter days of your period
  • If wanting to have oral sex, a tampon or cup could be left in to avoid blood loss. Dental dams can also be used to reduce blood being transferred to your partner
  • Masturbation is an option, again you will not need to remove a tampon or cup


Period sex is a personal choice.

As we have discussed, there are both reasons to and not to have period sex.

If you want to try period sex then it’s a good idea to communicate with your partner, agree on what you feel comfortable doing together, and follow our top tips. Unless it’s in the moment and there’s no time to chat - lucky you!

If period sex isn’t for you, then pop your feet up and ask for a foot massage instead.

Whatever you decide - enjoy!