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How To Improve Your Body Image And Self-Esteem During Your Period

Having a positive body image and good self-esteem may not always be easy, especially if you're on your period. We can slip into beating ourselves up when we’re bloated, our hormones are going haywire and we’re having yet another breakout... but fear not! Below are some things to help you achieve the confidence and self love that you deserve.

5 Tips To Improve Your Confidence During Your Period 

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1. Affirmations

To put it simply, affirmations are positive statements. These can be a great tool to improve how you view yourself. Make a habit of saying something positive about yourself everyday. Whatever you prefer, whether it’s “I am strong,” “my body is brilliant,” or something different, make sure you say it outloud (yes, actually outloud). It works well to say your affirmation whilst looking in the mirror, but if that feels scary, work your way up to it. You can say the same affirmation each time, even if you don't fully believe what you are saying yet.

Consistency is your friend here - but treat yourself with kindness if you forget to do it. Gradually, this can help you believe what you are saying. 

2. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good 

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The last thing you need when you’re on your period are clothes that work against you. Clothes can have a big impact on how we view ourselves and how we feel mentally. So, wearing comfortable clothing (even down to your undies) that supports the natural changes your body is going through at your time of the month, can really go the mile for your confidence.

NEW WUKA Stretch, the world's first multi-size period pants, is body positivity in the form of clothing. Whether it is period bloating, weight gain, weight loss, or postpartum body changes - WUKA’s NEW ultra comfy seamless period pants have got your back!

Wearing clothes that support your body and its changes, such as WUKA Stretch, is a great way to support a positive body image. It's about bloody time that clothing is made to fit people—not the other way around.

3. Exercise 

Exercising in WUKA Perform Collection

Getting your body moving = endorphins, AKA the happy hormones. Not only does exercising boost your mood but it also gives you a chance to spend time with your body and see all of the incredible things it can do. It will be even better if it's a hobby you enjoy. Whether it's yoga, dance (this totally includes dancing your heart out in your bedroom with your favourite tunes blasting!), climbing or something totally different, exercising can be a fantastic form of self care. But be mindful that you might not be feeling your best or most energetic on your period, so take it gently—even a walk will get those endorphins pumping.

Another bonus of a workout is that it can help to reduce period pain. Wahoo! Worried about working out on your period? Check out WUKA’s Perform collection for a hassle free period workout. 

4. Be Mindful Of How You Use Social Media 

Social media can be lots of fun, but unfortunately it can sometimes have negative effects on your self-esteem too . Look at who you follow on socials, then have a think about how you feel after seeing their posts. If you are left feeling down, click unfollow (or simply, hide their posts from your feed). Fill your feed with accounts that make you feel empowered

Trust us, it will do you the world of good.

5.  Talk To Someone 

It can be difficult to open up about how we are feeling sometimes but it is important to chat honestly with people we trust. Talking to others about how we feel can help us to feel supported and loved. Even if it's just that one mate you can text to vent or get those supportive words you need to give you a little boost when you’re feeling fragile—make sure you’ve got someone you can rely on who knows when it's your time of the month.

If you are struggling with your self esteem, body image and/or mental health beyond your period, or if these feelings last consistently for more than two weeks, consider talking to your GP or a registered health professional.


Just like Rome, confidence is not built in a day but by putting these tips into practice, you will be on your way to blossoming into a more confident you. 




Can your period make you feel insecure?

Some of those who menstruate suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome, a condition better known as PMS. An effect of this condition is feeling insecure.*

Does body image affect self-esteem?

If you have low self-esteem it is more likely that you could have poor body image. Body image is a part of your self-esteem and they directly influence each other.

What are the effects of poor body image?

Poor body image can be intertwined with low mood and low self-esteem. In extreme cases it can involve eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and severe depression.* 

*Center For Change

*National Library Of Medicine