How To Get Period Blood Out Of Your Underwear

It happens to us all. Honestly, we’ve all lost a good pair of knickers to our period. Or have we? You’ll be pleased to know that yes, it really is possible to get period blood out of your underwear- so here are WUKA’s top tips for doing just that.


Banish the shame


First things first, know this. There is absolutely no shame at all in period blood and there is no need to hide it ether because you are worried about period blood smell. So please don’t be tempted to stash your underwear into the bottom of the laundry hamper or, worse, throw them in the bin. It’s normal- and we’re going to deal with it.



Rinse- fast!


What matters most is how quickly you deal with the period blood stains. Its not always possible, but if you can rinse your underwear quickly then do it. Cold water is best- hot water will just help the stain to set- so get them under the tap and rinse out as much out as you can.




If you’re at home and you’re able to leave your underwear to soak for a while, then fill a small bowl with cold water, and once you’ve rinsed, let them soak for a short while, or overnight for older blood stains.


Be gentle


It’s not just yourself you need to show compassion towards. Your underwear deserves to be treated gently too. So, don’t panic at the sight of a little period blood (and it really will only be a small amount, even if it looks a lot worse) and don’t assume that you need to scrub like mad either. If rinsing and soaking haven’t quite hit the mark, then you can use a soft cloth or flannel, or even an old toothbrush to gently work the stain out. But please, once more for good measure, be gentle.


Try salt or bicarbonate of soda


Stubborn stains don’t always need detergents with lots of chemicals to treat them. Mixing salt or bicarbonate of soda  with water (until it forms a paste) and then applying to the the stain is a natural way to remove period blood if plain water isn’t enough.


Wash as normal


Once the stain has faded, your underwear can be washed as normal, so now you can throw them into the laundry hamper! Just make sure you don’t follow that up with the tumble dryer or heated airer, which can cause cause any remaining period blood to set into a stain. If there is still some blood remaining after washing, let your underwear dry naturally on a line, then repeat the cleaning process.

 Washing machine

How WUKA period pants help


Our WUKA period pants are designed to eliminate leaks- and while we don’t claim to have a crystal ball to predict the exact moment your period will appear, having a pair in your bag helps a lot when the time arrives. 


To wash your period pants, we recommend you them rinse in cold water, then add to your normal load to wash on cool. You can also hand wash your WUKA period pants, if you have the time. If you find that your period pants have stained (and it does happen, because we don’t use unnecessary chemicals designed to prevent them) then don’t panic. Follow the steps above, or use a black dye after washing to bring them up good as new.


Got any more questions about how to care for your period pants? Let us know. You can leave a comment here, or find us on Facebook, instagram or TikTok. Let’s chat period blood stains!


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