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How to Choose the Right Postpartum Pants

How do you go about finding the right pair of postpartum pants?


Giving birth is a beautiful and empowering experience. But what's not often spoken about is postpartum bleeding! 

It occurs post birth-giving and can last up to 6 weeks! During this time, tampons aren't an option! This is because you may still have a wound where the placenta joined with the wall of the womb. There could be tears in or around the vagina too. 

Alongside this, having a baby means you'll be quite busy and occupied with all your new-mother tasks. We want to make sure you're being looked after too! Instead of using disposable diaper-looking undies that don't exactly make you feel or look great, many women are now opting to choose postpartum reusable pants. 


How does WUKA fit into this?

Period pants are a great option for this. The High Waist are a favourite of many new mums, because of its ultra softness from the material of Tencel™ which is three times softer than cotton, and how hugging it feels. 

We're here for you all throughout your cycle and life. At every stage, when you first got your period, all the way through to post-pregnancy and menopause. 

Adjusting to motherhood is a whole new journey, and we want to help be a part of the beautiful transition and help you as best we can.


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