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How important is sleep on our periods?

We may have discovered the perfect night's sleep...

After many messages and requests for us to create a pair of boxer shorts, we did it. We created WUKA Boxer Shorts so that you can have the perfect night's sleep: leak-free and comfy so that you can wake up and kick ass!


If the last year has taught us anything, it's that comfort comes first. As we say goodbye to lockdown, we can't seem to part ways with the idea of being well-rested. And we shouldn't have to!

Sleep is often overlooked. And an often-neglected yet essential part of our health and wellbeing. Not just there to leave us feeling refreshed, sufficient sleep keeps our brains functioning and helps to prevent illnesses.

We know that on your periods, sometimes we experience poor quality of sleep. Simply because we're so aware that we may leak! And if we're not in our own bed, the paranoia can keep us up at night!

Did you know, most adults require between 7-9 hours per night, and children and teens need substantially more? But how can we recharge our bodies if we’re up in the night worried about period leaks?

Sleep + periods = ?

Before we made WUKA Boxer Shorts, we looked into the effects of sleep on our period. We found that the day before your period starts tends to be the most common time to experience sleep problems! Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, mindful techniques and relaxation techniques may help with PMS and help with quality of sleep during the lead-up to your period.

We also found that sleep hygiene was a contributor to good quality sleep. Having a consistent sleep schedule and not intaking excess caffeine all contribute to getting the adequate amount and quality of `sleep your body requires.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is also known as the quality of your sleep. And one of the most commonly spoken about factors of sleep hygiene involves placing yourself in the best position to sleep well each night.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the quality sleep you deserve:

  • Wake up at a fixed time
    - Try to wake up at a similar, if not the same, time everyday. This will help your body find a rhythm in getting consistent sleep.

  • Prioritise your sleep
    - As tempting as it may be to pull an all-nighter now that things have started re-opening, and as of Monday 17th May 2021, we're able to stay round at people's houses and dine indoors, it is vital you prioritise your sleep! So that you can wake up and kick ass!
  • Create a mindful nightly routine
    - Winding down with a routine that's individual to you will help calm your mind and send signals to your body that you're ready to drift off to dream land. Dimming your lights will also help - this is because bright lights can hinder the production of melatonin which is a hormone the body creates to facilitate sleep!

  • Unplug from electronic devices
    - It's said that a 30-60 minute window of 'No electronics' before you sleep is beneficial.

  • Relaxation methods
    - Whether that's breathing, listening to a calming podcast, breathing techniques or meditation guide, allow yourself to be totally immersed in a state of relaxation.

  • Put on your WUKA Boxer Shorts and drift off!
    - Comfort, leak-proof and the solution to sleeping in any position you find yourself in on your period.


So, back to the Boxer Shorts. We made them so that when you sleep, especially on your period, you'll be able to sleep in any position you find yourself in and not worry about leaking. And let's not forget, Tencel is 3x softer than cotton, so you're about to experience sleep like you never have before.

Sweet dreams with WUKA Boxer Shorts