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Can you wear a thong on your period?

new WUKA Stretch™️ Thong
There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to underwear. You do you. If you’re comfortable in big ‘granny knickers’, then that’s your business and nobody else’s. And if a thong is your thing, then likewise. But can you really wear a thong on your period? Well, yes. Why not?

Wearing a thong on your period

When you’re on your period, comfort is key, but that comes in many different shapes and sizes, just like we do. Some of us like to wear a thong on an every day basis, and don’t really want to change it up just because we’re on our period. But how practical is it really?

Wearing a thong on your period usually means also wearing a tampon, or using a sanitary pad that’s specifically designed to go with a thong. Both options are fine, but neither are particularly eco-friendly. Reusable period thongs, on the other hand, are eco-friendly- but are they up to the job?

WUKA's Stretch™️ Thong

Our new Stretch™️ Thong is the latest addition to our best selling Stretch™️ collection. Made with a larger gusset than other thongs, this thong provides maximum coverage with a light to medium absorbency, making it perfect for period, pee and discharge.

And because it's made using our innovative Stretch™️ technology, one thong will gently stretch to fit up to 4 sizes. Feeling bloated? No problem. Worried about leaks? Don't be. Want to hit the gym but also want to say goodbye to VPL? We've got you. Plus, CoolMax™️ technology means you stay dry, fresh and odour-free- even if you've got your sweat on at the gym!

Stretch™️ Thong for yoga

For a sleek silhouette under leggings and tight clothing, our Stretch™️ Thong is a must! And yes, you can wear it on your period, and all throughout your cycle.

WUKA’s period thong

We always like to be upfront with you. Our period thong is designed for lighter days, with a gusset that can absorb light leaks, spotting and discharge. If your flow is heavy, this isn’t for you. But seeing as you know your flow best, we’ll let you decide. 

The WUKA thong is made in the same way as our other period pants, with a highly absorbent gusset made up of many layers. The middle layers lock in the blood, keeping it away from the body so you stay dry and comfortable. And like our other pants, just one pair of WUKA thongs will save up to 200 plastic-riddled disposables from entering landfill or polluting our oceans. 

And while we recommend using the thong in place of pantyliners, to absorb light leaks and discharge, we know that some of our customers use them throughout their whole period with no issues at all. Again, you know your flow best. 

Who even wears WUKA thongs?

Our customers say it best. 

G.G bought our thong after using tampons for 19 years. She struggles with sensory issues but wanted a more eco option for her period. She told us, 

“I bought two to trial for my period, and after about 5 hours in the first one I immediately ordered 3 more because I knew these were going to absolutely change the way I deal with my period. It's honestly impossible to describe how much easier my period already is to deal with. I actually forgot I had them on and even went to work in them (going to work on my period is another triggering issue for me) and was never uncomfortable.”

We have other customers who tell us they wear their period thong when they have a tight fitting outfit, or because they’re using birth control and experiencing spotting temporarily. Others tell us they use them due to having lighter periods thanks to perimenopause, and others say the thong is perfect for increase discharge experienced during pregnancy.

can you wear a thong on your period?

We also have Lucy, a 43 year old mother who told us,

“I have attended a festival-themed hen party today, where we have taken part in a school sports day, ran, jumped, laughed, and done oops upside ya head, all while leaking not period but pee!! As I am a 43 yr old mother of a 15 and 19-year-old, wearing denim short shorts and not giving a damn lol, these knickers are a game changer and I've told every single one at the hen do and every one thereafter, no more embarrassing leaks, no fear of smelling like your old gran, god bless them, I ordered the 3 pack and just ordered the 5 pack too, love love love them, thank you WUKA!”

The WUKA thong isn't just there for tour period, it's there for all the other days in between: perfect for period, pee and discharge.

How to care for your WUKA period thong

We always recommend you treat any pair of WUKA period pants with a little extra TLC- if cared for properly they’ll last up to two years. 

If you can, soak your thong in cold water after use, or give them a quick rinse under the cold tap. Then wash as normal, on a cool wash with no fabric conditioner. Air dry, no tumble dryer. We also recommend you use a wash bag to keep your thong protected in the machine, and to store your pants in when not in use.

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Can you sleep with a thong on?

If you want to sleep in a thong, you can sleep in a thong. As long as you’re comfortable and safe, you can sleep in anything you like. During your period, you might want to wear something with a higher absorbency while you sleep, but you know your flow best.

What should you not wear on your period?

There are no rules when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t wear during your period. Listen to your body- if your waistband is digging in due to bloating, looser clothes might be better. But again, your body- your rules. 

Is it sanitary to wear a thong?

It’s perfectly sanitary to wear a thong, whether on your period or not. But as with any underwear, what your thong is made from can make all the difference. Synthetic materials that don’t allow the vagina to breathe can cause yeast injections and are a recipe for disaster. The WUKA thong is made from cotton, so they’re soft on your skin, and breathable too.