6 Reasons Why You Need WUKA Period Leggings

WUKA period pants  have different levels of absorbency from light flow to super heavy flow, and can be used for periods, light urine leaks or weak bladders. The brand has recently released sustainable period gym leggings so that you can still do all the activities you love, stress and leak free. 

WUKA period leggings

How do they work?

Crafted from recycled polyester with our integrated Seamless period technology, these are a buttery-soft, squat-proof, leak-proof and supportive pair of leggings that you can wear on any occasion designed to support everyone who bleeds, new mums, those experiencing menopause, a weak pelvic floor and more. We will keep you sweat and leak free.
The combination of lightweight seamless fabric and breathability calls for comfort, support and security everyday. You can go commando in them and bleed freely!
WUKA period leggings

Here's our 6 reasons:

1. They're not just for the gym - they're for everyday wear!

Whether you're in or out the gym, WUKA period leggings are designed to wear as athleisure. 7/8 in length, these recycled polyester leggings, with Seamless WUKA period technology to absorb your period flow, are here to be worn whether you want to lounge about the house as you #wfh, walk your dog, are running errands or need to hit the gym.


2. They don't slip down and absorb your period flow 

The #1 pet peeve when it comes to leggings is the fit. Some leggings slide down whilst others feel like you've constantly got a wedgie. Not with these. These are buttery-soft, feel like they're compression as they're so smooth and are almost a second skin. Plus they absorb your period flow, so you can go commando!


3. They're 100% squat proof

There is nothing worse than bending over and having your pants on full show. This is why our Seamless period technology is completely VPL-proof. We'll provide the carbon neutral period essentials if you provide the WUKA go-getter attitude!


4. WUKA support all your goals and encourage you to stay active on your period

We made these leggings because we never want anything to hold you back from doing the things you love, or achieving the goals you set yourself. With period leggings, life becomes more efficient and stress free. You'll never worry about leaks at the gym or if you're out and about, and you'll never have to think twice about VPL. A win-win, we'd say!


5. Sustainable premium activewear is IN 

We want you to look stylish all while being sustainable and period-friendly. The WUKA Perform Leggings look so chic, we don't just wear them for exercising. Match it with a cute turtleneck sweater, or your puffer coat and sneakers and head out to town! 


6. Be a WUKA warrior with us

We're all about waking up and kicking ass and breaking taboos around period topics. We made these leggings to remind you that you can do anything. And you're going to inspire so many people around you for just being yourself. Whether it's staying active on your period and pushing yourself to get up and go out and getting things done, or being mindful and lounging at home and trying out a yoga flow or acknowledging you need rest, you're putting yourself first. And that's what a WUKA warrior attitude is.