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Surviving Party Season With WUKA X MANNERS LDN

We had a quick festive catchup with mumpreneur and designer Sal of the gorgeous, body-positive MANNERS LDN clothing store! We asked her for some top tips for getting us through the holiday party season when on your period… Here’s what Sal had to say! 

WUKA interviews Manners LDN

Q: If your period happens to coincide with the festive season, what are some of your best tips for dressing for dressing for party season when on your period?

Manners LDN Nata Dress

I mean, its black x comfort for sure! I get super bloated so I always wear my Manners London tib pants or skirts when I'm on my period, they have double waist bands so extra supportive but not diggy or squeezy at all! Those with a black top tucked in and some big gold earrings and you're good to go. Super sass, super comfort, no worries about leakage! 

Q: What are some of your best tips for surviving the party season, when not partying?

I'm not a big partyer (at all) so for me it's easy! Say no, if you're not feeling it! Guess what, you don't even have to make an excuse, you can just opt out (ESPECIALLY if it's a work party)! Or, dip in briefly if you want to show your face but not stay late. That's fine too. A quick soft drink, hot tea, a hi and a byeeeee and back into bed. Mmmmmm...

Nata Dress in Pomegranate

Q: Which different styles etc of Manners LDN clothing might be better on your period?

 ANY Manners tops, (or dresses or jumpsuits) they are all supportive so no need for a yucky diggy pinchy bra. Def need that extra comfort for tender tits. It's hard because really ALL are amazing for periods because they are so comfy! Api jumpsuit is a fave, whack a soft jumper or hoody over if you're chilly. The iza top in Libre (covered in naked women) and the tib pants in black would be my go to but really they're all wonderful! *if I say so myself x (The WUKA team agree!) 

Q: Any other festive tips for making the best of party season, or facing going out in the cold on your period?!


Listen to yourself! Trust your body. Wrap up warm! And make it short and sweet or not at all if your body is saying no!

Q: If you really can't face going out (or downstairs!) any good tips for managing people's expectations that you can't make their get together?

I think we worry to much about this (me included). Periods are hard, and especially this time of year our bodies are tired. I'm all for a "babe, I can't make it, my period is whipping my butt and my body is aching so it's bed and netflix for me this time. But would love to see you soon so maybe we can book something in before the end of the xmas period to catch up". It's OK to not be OK!!! (and by being honest you might give someone else the courage to do it next time).

We hope this has helped you feel confident - whether you go out for a mince pie and paint the town red or stay home and snuggle down under the duvet and hide from the world! 

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