WUKA Ultimate™ Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow - back details
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow - side details
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief
WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief
models wear WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow -
models wear WUKA Period Pants Midi Brief - Heavy Flow -
WUKA super heavy flow - holds up tp 60ml of blood. Gusset Detail.
WUKA super heavy flow - holds up tp 60ml of blood. Gusset absorbs up to 12 tampons..

WUKA Ultimate™ Midi Brief - Super Heavy Flow

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WUKA Period Pants - Super Heavy Flow. Holds up to 60ml of period blood. Made of Tencel. Use, Machine wash, Reuse.

WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief Super Heavy Flow period pants are your complete tampon and pad replacement and our highest absorbency. You can wear them for up to 24 hours when the need arises! We recommend not more than 12 for hygiene reasons. 

Wear them for long shifts, sleeping or postpartum bleeding. 

Holds at least 60ml of period flow / 12 regular tampons' worth.

  • Super absorbent full gusset goes all the way from the front to the back to prevent any leaks.

  • Midi Brief style, with high gusset, great coverage and leak-free.

  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured from Tencel™ fabric, 3.5x softer than cotton with Eco Soft Technology.

  • The pad is thicker than other styles - c. 3mm thick, around the same as a super absorbent disposable pad. 

Carbon Neutral +, Made from TENCEL, Vegan

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HANDWASH: After use, rinse with cold water.

MACHINE WASH: Pop your WUKA with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30 to 40 degrees. Don't use fabric conditioner.
We suggest that Perform Collection and Re-purpose Collection styles should be washed cold.

: Air dry your WUKA Period Pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Don't tumble dry it.

For the first 40 days after you receive an order we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pants, this allows you to try them hassle free. If they don’t fit then you are welcome to exchange for a different size or get a full refund.


How does WUKA Super Heavy Flow work? Featuring a DOUBLE absorbent layer on the gusset whilst still feeling ultra thin. It’s perfect to sleep in, work long hour shifts or postpartum bleeding.

Super Heavy Flow - Infographic of layers
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WUKA Super Heavy Flow are the only Period Pants that holds up to 60 ml of period blood. Double absorbent layers on the gusset. Leak-proof from front to back.

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Customer Reviews

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I work shift work as a Paramedic.
These pants are literally lifesavers. I have extremely heavy flow and because of the nature of my job it can be impossible at times to change pads or tampons etc
I've, embarrassingly, at times had to resort to swiping maternity pads or stuffing my knickers with inco-sheets or whatever I could find to stop myself from bleeding through my uniform!
These are worth every penny. Downside is the long drying times but this is managable.

Breaking on the side

Amazing period protection but unfortunately thin nett on the side broke on all 3 pairs I bought. How is that possible that these has such good reviews…

Louisa Tyson
Super comfy and great for night time! Take AGES to dry - buy plenty to cover yourself.

I bought 2 pairs of these when they were first released as I found the heavy flow's didnt reach up far enough at the front to give me coverage on a night or the heaviest days.

These were fantasic and just bought 3 more.

Only 'issue' I would say I have with these pants (and the main reason I am back for more) is they can take an aweful long time to dry, especially these super heavies. As such with only two pairs I found I was having to burn through heavy flows or use pads just to last me until these dried. Even line drying for 6-7 hours I had to put them on when they were a 'cool damp' to wear (not nice). Make sure you have at LEAST two.