Plastic-Free Schools x WUKA

Win free period pants
for your whole school


This Autumn, Plastic Free Schools have teamed up with pioneering brand, WUKA, to bring you an exciting competition that will help to combat single-use plastic across UK secondary schools, for good! Keep reading to find out how you could have the chance to win every menstruating student in your school a pair of environmentally-friendly, plastic-free period pants and we’ll even provide a free plastic-free periods education pack for every school that enters the competition.

After a succession of record-breaking natural disasters across the globe this summer as a result of climate change, including flash-floods in London to forest fires in Greece, now more than ever we need schools to step up and help take action. But how is plastic linked to climate change we hear you ask?

Well, did you know…


Plastics originate as fossil fuels and emit
greenhouse gases from cradle to grave.


Nearly every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel,
and greenhouse gases are emitted at each of each
stage of the plastic lifecycle from fossil fuel extraction
to plastic pollution.


If our reliance on plastics persists,
plastics will account
for 20% of oil consumption by 2050.


At current levels, greenhouse gas emissions from the
plastic lifecycle threaten the ability of the global
community to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C.


200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are
sent to landfill every single year in the UK, each
containing vast amounts of polluting, single-use plastic.


According to WEN, menstrual pads contain up to 90%
plastic and 2 billion menstrual items are flushed down
Britain’s toilets every single year.


One pair of WUKA Period Pants can save
200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables from
polluting our ocean or going to landfill.


WUKA use the highest quality materials in all of their
underwear which are all biodegradable and


We’re giving your school the chance to win a pair of period pants for every menstruating student. Not only that but WUKA will provide a free plastic-free periods education pack (which includes a 20% discount code for students) for every school who enters.

In order to enter the competition, you must be signed up to our Plastic-Free Schools programme. Plastic-Free Schools is a system shaking, change making programme that consists of 5 pupil-led objectives, to work through in order to achieve Plastic-Free Schools accreditation. The programme empowers young people to use the power of their voice to help drive positive environmental change in the quest to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic in their schools… and period products is definitely one that doesn’t get enough attention.

We are asking every secondary school student to get their creative juices flowing and contact the government, whether it’s their local MP (or other elected representative) or the Prime Minister himself, and demand change based on one of the following topics:

Axing the period pants tax to reduce single use plastic
through period products Learn More

Your biggest plastic pet peeve

The fight against single use plastic
in your school as a whole


    We believe creativity, originality and accessibility are key, and that’s why we’re enabling applicants to submit their entries in a variety of formats. For example, a:

    Letter • Essay • Poem
    Artwork • Sculpture
    Poster Design • Craft Work
    Video • Song • Rap • Speech

    📝 HOW DO I ENTER? 📝

    It’s as easy as pie. If you’re already a Plastic Free School, you can enter the competition by clicking the button below that will take you through to the application form, just log in using your usual Plastic Free Schools details. Not a Plastic Free School yet? Then sign up here and once enrolled, you will gain access to the application form.

    Your hard work can also help you towards achieving Plastic Free Schools Status. You can also submit your entry as part of your evidence for Objective 4 of our Plastic Free Schools programme or Objective 5 of the Plastic Free Schools Expansion Pack.

     I’m already a Plastic Free School
    I’m not a Plastic Free School YET

    SAS - Surfers Against Sewage

    🧐 Who are Surfers Against Sewage?

    Surfers Against Sewage is a charity dedicated to the protection of our ocean, beaches and wildlife. They focus on creating community projects and campaigns to fight plastic pollution, climate change, improve water quality and marine protection. All of which are key to the future of our ocean, our planet and us too.

    SAS - PLastic Free Schools

    🤔 What is Plastic-Free Schools?

    Plastic Free Schools is a pupil-led education programme created by Surfers Against Sewage. It aims to create ocean activists by equipping and empowering young activists with the tools to create positive, lasting environmental change and teaches pupils that they should never underestimate the power of their voice.

    Plastic Free Schools teaches pupils how to run their own campaign in the fight against single-use plastic and to understand the strength they have in driving change.