We saved our High Waist period pants from going to waste!

WUKA Plus size High waist

We made a mistake when making these High Waist beauties... 

 ...but rather than recycle them as any ol’ regular fashion brand would and waste the hard work of our factory team (who need a hug!) we’re making them available to be used as they were intended.

 Perfectly imperfect with zero waste.  ♻️

One of our key missions at WUKA is to save the planet. Periods should not cost the earth and when we found out the flow of our new batch of Ultimate High Waist pants were wrong, the first thought that went through our minds was 'we will not let them go to waste. They will be paired with a brand new lovely WUKA owner. We will not let either of you down!'

 Plus size WUKA in Ultimate High Waist

So, what makes them a factory-rejected product? ❌

This batch consisted of medium flow and heavy flow - but the labels got mixed up! While stocks lasts for this batch of Ultimate High Waist, if you are a medium flow - pop the heavy flow in your basket, and vice versa. 

They work just as they usually would. And just need a little love from you, and they'll hug your body and do their job just fine!


WUKA High Waist 2XS-6XL


What usually happens to factory-rejected fabrics or garments?  🤔

Did you know that if there's a slight imperfection, whether that be a stain or a misalignment in its stitching, the entire roll is usually discarded. Just like that. Which causes waste! 

There are many studies that estimate a total amount of waste produced globally that come from fashion garments - and the number falls between 80 billion to 150 billion pieces annually. Our jaws dropped. 

So we rolled up our sleeves and said 'No' to even entertaining the thought of letting these period pants go to waste. 


So here we have, our perfectly factory-imperfect batch of Ultimate High Waist.


For a limited time only, while stock lasts - we're launching them at 50% off so they can find the love they deserve.