How to Look After My WUKA Period Pants

Wear, rinse, wash, dry, repeat. That's all you have to do with WUKA period pants. But how do you look after them and keep them as new as when you first purchased them? We'll give you all the tips, don't worry. 

 Wear, Rinse, Wash, Dry

Just like any other pair of pants, you simply wear them and wash them after. But there are a few things we recommend when it comes to period pants. 


WUKA period pants


#1 Pack a spare pair and pop the worn pair into your washbag! 👙

Depending on your flow, like any other period product, you'll need to change your pants. Simply pack a spare pair in your bag and when it's time to change into a different pair, pop the worn WUKAs into the washbag. You can wash the washbag and WUKA pants together at the end of the day. Easy-peasy! 


WUKA Washbag


#2 The many ways you can wash your WUKAs 🚿

This one's all down to personal preference. Many WUKA wearers love stomping on their pants in the shower - good way to release stress too if you'd had a long day, or if you fancy a stomp around to some music while showering! Stomping on your WUKAs in the shower saves water and it's easier than hand-washing them.

The other way is of course, throwing them in the washing machine. Many of us have a dedicated WUKA wash basket so that at the end of the week, you can throw them all in the machine together. Keep in mind though, we recommend not to use fabric conditioner as this will affect the absorbency of the gusset lining over time - and to never tumble dry your WUKAs! The best is to wash at 30 degrees, and let them air dry.


WUKA in washing machine


#3 They love being surrounded by other WUKAs ❤️

If you haven't got a dedicated corner in your underwear drawer for your WUKAs, then now's the time to do so. Roll them up, or fold them however you like, and you'll see how cute they are waiting to be used once a month by you. 

If you're a WUKA fan like some of us, you've got every style. One for every activity and function, am I right? The Basics go in one line, the Ultimate goes in another and the Repurpose and Lace sit in between them. 


Live the WUKA way ♻️

WUKA period pants are made from sustainable fabrics including Tencel, GOTS Organic Cotton and Recycled Nylon. Every style comes with buttery soft fabrics that give you that warm embrace you crave on your period, giving you that TLC you deserve. By choosing WUKA period pants, you're choosing to have a sustainable, carbon neutral period and you're helping to save the planet with every cycle.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear WUKA period pants.