How to have a sustainable period

We now have many choices of period protection products and long gone are the days where tampons and pads were the only products on the shelves. Back to when tampons and pads were the revolutionary solution, no one thought to think of the long term effects of these single-use products. Yet, today when we look at the number of disposables that contribute to global waste we know it’s time to make changes towards having more sustainable periods.

Why are pads and tampons not sustainable?

1. Single-use period options are not sustainable to the environment or your pocket. Did you know that in a life time one will on average spend £5246 for organic pads and £3500 for non-organic tampons and pads? When we compare this to WUKA period pants, the cost of lifetime use is £2806 PLUS your period is not contributing to waste and plastic use.

2. Pads are made from 90% plastic and one pack of pads is the equivalent of 4 plastic bags! Tampons also contain plastic and so do their applicators. This plastic does not go “away” when we place the items in the bin, but instead ends up filling landfill waste dumps and takes thousands of years to decompose.

3. Despite tampons and pads being advised to be thrown into the bin and NOT in the toilet, Plastic Ocean UK report that in the UK 4.6 million single-use plastic period products are flushed down the toilet EVERY DAY – and used tampons and pads are then found in our rivers and seas, polluting our beaches and affecting wildlife. Plastic waste kills up to 1 million seabirds, 100,000 sea mammals, marine turtles and countless fish each year and remains in our ecosystem for years, harming thousands of sea creatures every day.

Why are period pants sustainable?

Period pants are reusable and easy to use! You simply put a pair of pants on, as you would with regular underwear. We advise that the pants are worn for up to 8 hours and after which you can rinse the pants in your bathroom sink or wash with your dark clothes. They are air-dried and can be placed inside out on a radiator and once dry, can be used again and again!

With just one pair of WUKA period pants you can save 200 tampons from going to landfill and teach pair of pants can be used for around 2 years! Our period pants contain no plastic and even our packaging is made for compostable materials. The fabrics we use are all sourced sustainability and include compostable Lenzing modal which is made from beech trees, as well as GOTs certified organic cotton.

Can I have a sustainable period?

Of course you can! The choice of using period pants for your periods is a sustainable one, as it ensures complete protection against period blood leaks and at the same time is friendly to marine and wildlife. Their lifetime is of about 2 years, which means that on average only 129 pairs of biodegradable pants will go to landfill, compared to 13440 of plastic-based tampons and pads!

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