A Beginner's Guide to Period Pants

Did you know?

A year’s worth of disposable pads and tampons for one person produces 8.9kg of CO2 emissions, the same as charging a mobile phone more than 1000 times. (Want to learn more about periods and carbon emissions? Read here)

According to WEN, 200,000 tonnes of waste is produced per year by single-use period products. These include tampons, pads and their packaging. And plastic takes roughly 500 years to decompose. And in the UK, 700,000 panty liners and 2.5 million tampons are flushed down the toilet daily. 

We get it. It's not something you’re going to be thinking about when you’re cramped up, on your period and just need something to help with the flow. When you’re on your period and you need to just get on with your day, that might be the last thought on your mind. Which is why opting for a reusable product is ideal! 

There are many options out there for reusable period products, and it really is just about finding what works for you. We’ve found that many love period pants - simply because they can put them on in the morning like regular underwear and go about their day without having to worry about leaks, toxic shock syndrome, smell, or discomfort. 

So what are period pants?

Pants. That absorb your period! And yes, they are completely leakproof. We’re talking no VPL, no leaks, no itching, no wedgies, no smell, no bulky diaper appearances - none of that. Just a pair of pants that hold your period and let you do your thing! 


But how do they work? 

Think of a pad. It sits in your underwear, and you bleed into it. Only, period pants absorb the blood and have a dry-wicking top layer which keeps you dry and odour-free. 


WUKA period pants technology

Do I have to change them?

Yes, but it’s a simple case of you taking the pants off, popping them in a washbag and putting on another pair. And voila! Continue bleeding.



How do I wash them? Or look after them?



We recommend, with WUKA period pants, to hop in the shower with them. Many of our WUKA wearers love stomping on them in the shower so that you can get the blood out, then pop them in the washing machine at 30 degrees, and let it dry naturally. We do not recommend using fabric softener or tumble dry as this will affect the absorbency over time. 

But we promise, it really is as simple as looking after regular underwear. This is just super-underwear because it keeps you period leakfree! 

So I can wear them throughout the day? What about night time? 

Absolutely! You need your REM sleep, and when you’re on your period, the last thing you want to wake up to is stained sheets. That’s no way to start the day - we’ve all been there. 

Period pants are the best when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep on your period. We don’t know about you, but we roll around in our sleep so wearing a pair of period pants ensures that there’s no leakage whatsoever throughout the night. 

Then in the morning, just pop on a new pair and start your day! 


WUKA period pants time cycle



If I can sleep in them, can I go to the gym in them? Or work? What If I’m working a long shift? 


Yes, yes, and yes. Period pants are meant to adapt to your lifestyle - so if you’re hitting up a gym session, try a seamless pair - WUKA Perform Seamless are a great pair. Or the Thong if you’re on the lighter flow side. Or period leggings. 

Yes. Period leggings. Genius, isn’t it? A pair of period pants integrated into leggings so that you’ve got the best of both worlds for a killer workout. 

If you’re working long shifts then getting a heavy or super heavy flow is the way to go - simply because it allows for more absorbency. 


So how many will I need?


Some of our team members bring an extra pair to work - and then change it twice at home. We recommend, if you have an average 4-5 day cycle, 7 pairs should suffice! It’s always worth having more so you can change into new pairs, and wash them after use. 


Give them a go, and let us know how you get on. Find the perfect pair for you, from a variety of different flows and styles.



WUKA period pants styles