Drinks That Help With Period Pain

Did you know that over 84% of people who menstruate suffer from period pain? If you're in the minority, then congratulations, you're the envy of all those who menstruate around the world!

But chances are, you're in the unfortunate majority that gets some degree of pain when it's that time of the month. Our wearable hot water bottle is great providing pain relief but there also beverages that you can drink to help yourself. Whether it has you wincing throughout the day or curled up on the settee crying, you most certainly want to find some kind of remedy for this gift from Mother Nature.

If you're wondering what you can and can't (or shouldn't) drink for period pain, then you're in the right place. Find out all the answers here!

Questions About Drinks in General for Your Period

First off, we'll tackle some different types of drinks so you'll have a general idea of what is ok and what to avoid. You can then rearrange your kitchen, so you aren't tempted to drink those forbidden beverages while you're having menstrual cramps.

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Period?

If you're a Red Bull fiend, then we're sorry to disappoint you here.

Caffeine may increase your cramps, and energy drinks are chockful of caffeine. They can also cause vasoconstriction, which is where your blood vessels narrow. As a result, your pains can feel even worse!

On that note, you might be wondering if fizzy drinks and period pain mix. Truth be told, you should avoid fizzy drinks on your period since most have caffeine in them.

Is Milk Bad for Periods?

Milk is also a no-go when it comes to drinks for period pains. This is especially true if you're lactose intolerant. If you drink milk and also have a lot of dairy in your diet, you'll get worse cramps. Besides, you'll also experience things like gas, bloating, and even diarrhoea, which is not fun at all.

So think twice about reaching for a glass of milk when you're having period pains. The above symptoms definitely won't be a treat when you add in those stabbing cramps as well.

But what about Hot Milk? Can We Drink Hot Milk During Periods?

Based on the above section, hot milk is probably not a good idea during your periods. It's best to skip out on dairy altogether if possible.

However, you might still be left wondering: do hot drinks help period cramps? You'll be pleased to know that they do! So hot drinks are good for period cramps indeed (just not milk).

Can We Drink Lemon Water During Periods?

Yes, you certainly can! It's always a great idea to hydrate, but especially so during your period. Not only will the lemon add some flavour to your H2O, but it'll also help clear up any annoying acne you get during this wonderful time of the month.

Make sure you don't mix too much lemon juice into your water, as the acidity may irritate your mouth and throat. Don't drink too much of it either, as it can cause some health problems that you don't need on top of period pain!

Is It OK to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar During Periods?

You may have heard apple cider vinegar is touted as a miracle cure-all for practically everything. So surely it can help with period pain?

The truth is, when you drink it diluted in water, you're only getting homoeopathic amounts. This means you're basically just drinking flavoured water.

Like with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar is acidic, so take care to drink only small amounts of it with plenty of water!

What Is Good to Drink for Period Cramps?

So after all this, what exactly is good to drink for period cramps?

Water is always the answer, whether you're recovering from a night out or trying to feel better from period pain. It rejuvenates your body and will battle other adverse side effects of your period, such as bloating.

If you're not a fan of chugging water, then you might be thinking: what other healthy drinks during my period can I drink?

In general, having hot drinks during period pain is good. For example, chamomile, ginger, or peppermint tea are great because not only are they hot, but they're also caffeine-free.

On the other hand, smoothies can be good too. You'll get plenty of vitamins and minerals to help power through difficult times. So think about saying no to ice cream and yes to smoothies instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drinks and Your Flow

Perhaps you have some other questions about beverages affecting your period. We answer some burning questions below.

Does Drinking a Lot of Water Lighten Your Period?

Drinking a lot of water can indeed lighten your period. This is because it helps prevent your blood from getting thicker. So not only can it help with cramps, it'll shorten your period too. It's a win-win situation!

What Can I Drink to Get My Periods Back?

Many of us have irregular periods, which can be annoying. Some things to try and drink to bring your cycle back in sync include pineapple juice and smoothies.

If your period is unusually irregular, make sure you speak to your doctor about it. That way, they can either rule out or pinpoint any medical issues that may be affecting your menstrual cycle.

Does Coffee Induce Periods?

Surprisingly, coffee can possibly induce your periods, given that you're not pregnant, of course. Caffeine stimulates your oestrogen, which is the hormone linked to your period.

What Can I Eat to Make My Period Come?

Yes, this is an article about the best drinks for period pain, but let's face it: we all get the munchies when Aunt Flow comes to visit. So why not throw in some edible items on this list?Here are some foods to eat that may make your period come:

  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Ginger
  • Tumeric

Again, if your menstrual cycle is very out of whack, it's best to speak to your doctor to see if there are any underlying issues.

Handle Your Period Pain With Our Tips

Hopefully, now you should have all your questions about the best drinks for period pain answered.

While unfortunately, there are no miracle drinks that'll take away your period (or period pain) for good, at least there are some that can ease the pain. And remember: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Sip on those drinks good for period pain and you'll get through every month just fine.

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