9 Foods to Eat and Drink During Your Periods

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Did you know the food you can eat make a difference in having your period? 🔴

While some food replenishes the iron level, relaxes muscles and mind and even release endorphins - hormones you get from exercise - also known as the ‘happy’ hormone.

Here are the best 9 foods to eat during your periods.

Apart from our super > wearable hot water bottle to help combat period pain, there are also foods that you can eat to reduce cramps.

What To Eat

Dark Leafy Greens

Go for some greens like spinach, kale, and swiss chard. They are rich in iron, which your body needs to replenish after menstruating. Don’t like it raw? Throw some greens into a smoothie with cucumber and apple juice. Delicious!!


Red meat is one of the most iron-rich foods there is. Whether you’re having a steak and sauteed greens for dinner, or you want to chop it up for breakfast tacos, it’s a great way to keep your iron levels up on your period. Vegeterian or Vegan? Lentils, beans, and chickpeas are also rich in iron and can easily be combined with your leafy greens for a tasty salad.


One of the best sources of Omega-3, an essential fatty acid which helps you relax your muscles and your mind. If you don’t eat fish, you can find Omega-3 in walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans. And if you’re allergic to nuts, talk to your GP about adding in a supplement, like one from Holland & Barrett.


Let’s be real, we’re all probably eating this anyway. But it’s which type of chocolate we need to talk about. The higher percentage of dark chocolate you have, the more antioxidants it contains. It’s also a good source of magnesium which can help relax your muscles - including those cramps in your stomach or back. Chocolate also has endorphins - those same hormones you get from exercise - which are called the ‘happy’ hormone… that explains why we love to eat it!



Go for brown rice over white to combat feelings of fatigue. Whole grains improve digestion which is definitely helpful when you’re on your period. And the NHS says it might even help you live longer, too. Other whole grains include whole oats, bulgur wheat, and popcorn.


High in potassium, bananas work as a bowel regulator and a mood booster. Eat it on its own, combine it with some melted dark chocolate, or throw it into your kale smoothie for a richer flavour.

Banana, Strawberry

What To Drink


High in vitamin C and calcium, oranges help fight off PMS symptoms like cramps, aches, and pains. Try a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice for a refreshing drink if you’re feeling poorly on your period.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea is made from the leaves of raspberries rather than the fruit itself. Kitchn wrote that ‘after just a mug, my cramps died down to a dull roar, and after two, they disappeared completely.’ Pukka’s (one of our sponsors of RED WAVE TALKS) Motherkind Pregnancy has 24% raspberry leaf.


Oh Yes! Water.

Sometimes drinking water is the last thing you want to do when you feel bloated already, but water actually fights the bloated feeling by flushing your system. So do make sure you drink plenty of water. Remember to use reusable bottles #plasticfreeallyearround


So the next time your period comes, make sure you have a couple of pairs of your favourite > WUKA and a fridge full of period food to reduce your cramps and help you to feel better. Do share us your tip on how to reduce pain, cramps, bloatedness and we'll try out here in WUKA HQ too. 

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