7 debunked myths about periods that still exist

Before you even begin your first period, you may hear stories or see glimpses in media that inform your knowledge about the menstrual cycle. But so many things we see and hear about periods are actually myths. Let’s take a look at some of the ones we’ve seen and heard.

Periods are controlled by the moon.

A period is not like the tide of an ocean. Our friends over at period tracking app Clue analysed 7.5 million menstrual cycles and found that scientifically, there is no relation. We can start periods any day of the lunar cycle. While there’s some interesting history about menstruation and the moon, they’re not connected.

You can just ‘hold it’ to stop your period flow.

Unlike urine, you can’t prevent your period flow from leaking out. That’s why we wear period pants or menstrual cups to prevent leaking and staining onto our clothes. (Though wouldn’t it be nice if this one was true?)

Sharks can smell your period blood.

There are no published cases of a shark attack because of a woman’s period. If you plan to swim while on you’re period, you may want to try a menstrual cup. An internal product will hold your flow inside until you are ready to change or rinse it out. Even if you swim without a product, the water flow combined with a lesser gravitational pull may temporarily slow your flow from leaking out, but it doesn’t stop your period altogether.

Chocolate fixes period cramps.

Okay, this one is kind of true. Dark chocolate contains magnesium which can help relax your muscles - including those in your back and stomach where you may have cramps.

The only reliable period products are tampons and pads.

Not at all! Our bodies and needs are changing and so are period products. There are great reusable plastic-free alternatives to disposable tampons and pads like menstrual cups, reusable pads and our, of course, our favourite is - our own WUKA pants. Especially now they’re made with our custom Lenzing MicroModal fabric blend.

You can’t change your period cycle.

So not true! Whether you experience irregular periods, excessive spotting between periods or extreme cramping, there are steps you can take to help improve your menstrual cycle.

Having a period means you’re dirty.

Some cultures believe that having a period means you should be kept apart from your family and community. WUKA CEO Ruby wrote about experiencing her first period as a young girl in Nepal, being considered ‘untouchable’ and having to live through the social tradition known as ‘chaupaddi.’ Her experiences there inspired her to create WUKA and share the message that having a period can be an empowering experience.