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Say goodbye to pads and tampons, up to 12hr protection with WUKA® Heavy Flow Period Pants
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heavy flow?
Say goodbye to
pads and tampons,
up to 12hr protection
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WUKA® innovation. Sizing solved - period pants that stretch to your body size. Seamless and comfy
WUKA innovation
Period pants that
stretch to your body.
Seamless & Comfy
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United against
waste, pads and liners
for a better period
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THIS MONTH, 1% OF SALES WILL BE DONATED TO ENDOMETRIOSIS - Your order will help support 1.5 million people experiencing endometriosis in the UK.

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how do wuka PERIOD pants work?

Super Layers! Our gusset rises high in the front and back to protect you from any type of bleeding.

Absorbent, leakproof & breathable layers lock in the blood to keep you dry. Wear, wash, reuse, simple!

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Super absorbent, super comfortable and somehow so sexy! I love these so much I even wear them when I’m not on my period. WUKA Ultimate™ Lace - High Waist - Heavy

Evie Annis

Revolutionary 5*! My 11 year old daughter has been using these for a few months and find them very comfortable and they last the whole school day even on her heavier days. 2 WUKA Stretch Seamless - High Waist Heavy + Bag - Heavy Flow


Super soft, breathable and game changing period pants! I have never had a leak - even when wearing them for 12 hour shifts at work! WUKA Ultimate™ Lace - Hipster Brief - Medium


Lifesaver! Why is it I always leak on my fresh white bedsheets? It is such a pain not to mention really depressing. I'm so happy with these- they definitely passed the leak-proof test! Thank you WUKA! WUKA Ultimate High Waist - Heavy Overnight - Heavy Flow


I am 60 so I don't need period protection but I find as you get older you can get leakage. My leggings help prevent embarrassing moments as they are brilliant at stopping this. WUKA Period Leggings - Medium - Medium Flow

WUKA was featured on Glamour Magazine as the Best period pants for a zero-waste & sustainable period.
WUKA was featured on Vogue Magazine as the best eco-friendly sanitary brands in 2021.
our story

Growing up in Nepal I wore Sari rags pinned to my underwear, lived through being banished for bleeding so made it my mission to change period care for the better. Better for you and our planet. Join us and Wake Up Kick Ass with WUKA!